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Anlor Winn's moon

Atysmas is an OOC event that takes place yearly around Christmas period, there are events and various games.

At the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani's wheel, you can win during Atysmas special gifts. Some of these gifts like weapons, keep their appearance only during this special period.

Events & Games

List of events[1]:
— Advent calendar
— A shower of gifts
— The Atysmas Trees of the Grinch
— Atysmas Jigsaw Puzzles
— Yubohoho
— Rudolf
— Mr Snow's perfect gifts
— The Magic Flute
— Oh, Atysmas Tree!
— Atysmas storytelling assembly


Event armors and weapons
Event Description icon sheet
Atysmas Candy Cane Stick ic_candy_stick.sitem
Gingerbread xmas_gingerbread.sitem
Ginger Yubo xmas_gingeryubo.sitem
Candy stick ic_candy_stick.sitem
Ice stick ic_ice_stick.sitem
Star stick ic_star_stick.sitem
Sheet Music event_sheet_music.sitem
Wheel Token wheel_token_atysmas.sitem
Atys games Rendor Steak steak_rendor_1.sitem
Rendor Steak steak_rendor_2.sitem
Rendor Steak steak_rendor_3.sitem
Rendor Steak steak_rendor_4.sitem


See Category Atysmas on common.

Notes and links

This page is about Atysoël (or Atysmas), which is a dynamic, periodic event. On dynamic events in general, go to Dynamic Event.

More on Forum Events in 2019.

Puzzle image, Atysoel 2020/2021

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