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de:Kategorisierung von Portalen
en:Categorising the portals
es:Categorizar los portales
fr:Categorisation des portails
ru:Классификация порталов
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Lanstiril, 2019-12-06)

Graphic charter

Rules for categorization

ZO flag yellow.png Portals

Management of portals
To each portal a category and a link template to the said portal are corresponding. See the categorizations table for more informations.

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Category:Featured article‏‎

Hidden categories collecting the most striking or representative pages of a portal's theme to allow the display of one of them (for example different each day of the week or month) in home page the said portal.

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.pngExample for a thematic portal
Category: Featured article/Flora‏‎
Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.pngSubcategories of 'Category:Featured article/Flora' collecting the "monthly" and "weekly" pages:
Category:Featured article/Flora/Month‎‎
Category:Featured article/Flora/Week
Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.pngExample for the main home page:
Category:Featured article/Home collects the “Featured articles” used for illustration of the main home page.
Ico task rite.pngExample of a solitary page available for any occasion:
Featured page/Atys
Spe inventory.pngZo Wea AmberRing.png Category: Modèle:Portail

Navigation banners displayed at the bottom of pages and pointing to portals. Thus the one displayed at the bottom of this page and which points to the Portal of the arcanes of Atys (X-files).

Pas de sous-catégories
Zo Wea AmberRing.png Exemples de modèle:
Modèle:Portail Flore
Modèle:Portail Arcanes
Spe inventory.pngZO flag yellow.png Exemple de sous-catégorie:
Category: Portail:Flore
Spe inventory.pngTR flag village blue.png Catégorie: Portail:Flore/Articles liés

Cette catégorie est généralement en Catégories cachées

Ico task rite.pngPages standard dans le portail. Il n'est pas nécessaire de toutes les créer ni de leur donner le même nom
Portail Flore/Intro
Portail Flore/Notes
Portail Flore/Plan
Portail Flore/Catégories
Portail Flore/2Do
Portail Flore/Plus
ZO flag yellow.png Exemple de page:

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