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|  || [[:Category:Fauna]]  || {{Portal|Fauna}}  
|  || [[:Category:Fauna]]  || {{Portal|Fauna}}  
|  || [[:Category:Primitives]] || {{Portal|Primitives}}
|  || [[:Category:Races]] || {{Portal|Races}}
|  || [[:Category:Tribes]]  || {{Portal|Tribes}}
|  || [[:Category:Tribes]]  || {{Portal|Tribe}}
|  || [[:Category:Civilization]]  || {{Portal|Civilization}}  
|  || [[:Category:Civilization]]  || {{Portal|Civilization}}  
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| colspan="5"|  ||
| colspan="5"|  ||
|--------------------------------------------style="border-top:double;background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 95%); background-image: linear-gradient(to left,hsl(60, 100%, 95%),hsl(30, 100%, 95%));"
|--------------------------------------------style="border-top:double;background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 95%); background-image: linear-gradient(to left,hsl(60, 100%, 95%),hsl(30, 100%, 95%));"
| [[:Category:Primitiven]] || [[:Category:Primitives]] || [[:Category:Primitivos]] || [[:Category:Primitifs]] || [[:Category:Primitives]] ||style="background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 90%); background-image: linear-gradient(to right,hsl(60, 100%, 90%),hsl(30, 100%, 90%));" | 5
| [[:Category:Rassen]] || [[:Category:Races]] || [[:Category:Razas]] || [[:Category:Races]] || [[:Категория:Расы]] ||style="background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 90%); background-image: linear-gradient(to right,hsl(60, 100%, 90%),hsl(30, 100%, 90%));" | 5
| [[Template:Portal Primitiven]] || [[Template:Portal Primitives]] || [[Template:Portal Primitivos]] || [[Template:Portail Primitif]] || [[Template:Portal Primitives]] || T
| [[Template:Portal Rassen]] || [[Template:Portal Races]] || [[Template:Portal Razas]] || [[Template:Portail Races]] || [[Шаблон:Портал Расы]] || T
| [[Portal:Atys/Primitiven]] || [[Portal:Atys/Primitives]] || [[Portal:Atys/Primitivos]] || [[Portail:Atys/Primitifs]] || [[Портал:Atys/Примитивные]] || P
| [[Portal:Atys/Rassen]] || [[Portal:Atys/Races]] || [[Portal:Atys/Razas]] || [[Portail:Atys/Races]] || [[Портал:Атис/Расы]] || P
|--------------------------------------------style="border-top:double;background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 95%); background-image: linear-gradient(to left,hsl(60, 100%, 95%),hsl(30, 100%, 95%));"
|--------------------------------------------style="border-top:double;background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 95%); background-image: linear-gradient(to left,hsl(60, 100%, 95%),hsl(30, 100%, 95%));"
| [[:Category:Stämme]] || [[:Category:Tribes]] || [[:Category:Tribus]] || [[:Category:Tribus]] || [[:Category:Племена]] ||style="background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 90%); background-image: linear-gradient(to right,hsl(60, 100%, 90%),hsl(30, 100%, 90%));" | 5
| [[:Category:Stämme]] || [[:Category:Tribes]] || [[:Category:Tribus]] || [[:Category:Tribus]] || [[:Category:Племена]] ||style="background-color:hsl(30, 100%, 90%); background-image: linear-gradient(to right,hsl(60, 100%, 90%),hsl(30, 100%, 90%));" | 5

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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2020-08-02)

Thank you for trying to classify any creation directly or indirectly in at least one category of the Table of main categories shown here.

The basic principle

A wiki for the entire big family of Ryzom

To ensure the correct distribution of important information to be shared, each language wiki (DE, EN, ES, FR, RU) must have the same roots of categorization, of which there are four (Ryzom Commons has its own rules, but they are similar). Namely:

This is the category associated with the encyclopedic wiki driven and managed (as much as possible in "role-playing" mode) by all players.
This one is the category that gathers the maintenance tools of the wiki (templates, technical documents, archives, etc.), fed by all players having an advanced experience of Mediawiki and/or Wikipedia (bureaucrats, administrators, etc.).
This category hosts all the documentary and technical content on which the development of Ryzom is based.
This is the category that includes all the texts that reflect the background (historical, geographical, political, etc.) on which the role-playing game in Ryzom is based, texts officially transmitted (or endorsed a posteriori) by the "lorists".

An organization oriented for the casual reader

The main categories are associated with portals themselves pointed by navigation templates through Portals, and answer questions: About the game:

  • What game is Ryzom?: the game universe ("'The Lore"'), and how to play it.
  • What is the world I'll walk through?: the planet Atys, its fauna, flora, etc.
  • Which races will I be able to embody?: Fyros, Matis, Tryker or Zoraï.
  • What are the Divine (or assimilated) Powers of the planet, along with the great groups (apart from nations) which will inspire my acts?: Kamis, Karavan, Rangers, Marauders, Trytonists.

Then comes the "encyclopedia" co-managed by the players and animators:

  • The Chronicles of Atys are the official texts used as references to describe the past;
  • The Great Library contains all the player experiences that do not fit into one of the previous sections;
  • X-Files provides information about the "backstage" of the wiki.

The following insert summarizes the various important information entry points. It is advisable to include this insert at the foot of all portals and sometimes at the top of certain key categories.

Spe labs.png
All thematic Portals of Encyclopatys (Wiki of Ryzom)

Ryzom: The LoreThe Game OOC
Atys: Atys worldFloraFauna
Nations: FyrosMatisTrykerZoraï
Factions: KamiKaravanMaraudersRangersTrytonists
Encyclopedia: Atys ChroniclesThe Great LibraryMysteries OOC

This gives the following organization for the Encyclopatys, the "heart" of the Ryzom wiki, as it contains all the disclosed knowledge of Atys.

Subcategory Sublevel or portal
Category:Graphic Charter
Directly in Category:Wikipatys

(geography oriented)

Category:Chronicles Official stories
Category:Homins‎ Cf. special treatment for categorizing homins
Category:The Great Library
Category:Science and technology
Category:Homins Cf. special treatment for categorizing homins
Category:History All stories, official and unofficial
Category:Portals‎ Cf. template Portal:Portal
Category:Ryzom, the game‎ Category:Gameplay

Table of main categories

The objective is to manage the classification of all elements (except those of the "Forge"), directly or indirectly, in at least one category of the following table. It is not useful, not to say counterproductive, to define and freeze all categories that are lower level than those listed below. Players and contributors may create and manage any categories they wish, as long as they link them to those listed in this table, but they are asked to be careful not to create "root" categories. If such categories are created (no one is safe from error), they will be authoritatively integrated by the sysop where appropriate, to ensure some harmonization between the wikis of the five basic languages of Ryzom.

All missing template bricks should be written in English by default, which is our de facto Esperanto language. As this rule does not apply to the old bricks, which are already in place, it happens that two template bricks may coexist, one coded in English and one coded in the local language. The wisest thing to do is then to redirect the English brick to its local sister, since the English version is usually correctly interpreted by all five sub-wikis. Indeed, each of the other possible methods (writing a "universal", self-adapting template for each wiki or mass editing using regular expressions of the articles containing it) is either difficult or risky to implement.

Make sure the following copy of the main categories table is correct by consulting the reference table.

Category:Encyclopatys 1
Category:Hilfe Category:Help Category:Ayuda Category:Aide‎ Category:Справка 2
Category:Kategorisierung Category:Categorization Category:Categorización Category:Catégorisation Category:Категоризация 2
Category:Portal Category:Portals Category:Portales Category:Portails‎ Category:Портал 2
Category:Ryzom, the game Category:Ryzom, the game Category:Ryzom, el juego Category:Ryzom, le jeu Category:Ryzom, the game 2
Template:Portal Ryzom Template:Portal Ryzom Template:Portal Ryzom Template:Portail Ryzom Template:Portal Ryzom T
Portal:Spiel Portal:Game Portal:Juego Portail:Jeu Портал:Гейм P
Category:Gameplay Category:Gameplay Category:Gameplay Category:Gameplay Category:Gameplay 3
Template:Portal Gameplay Template:Portal Gameplay Template:Portal Gameplay Template:Portail Gameplay Template:Portal Gameplay T
Portal:Spiel/Gameplay Portal:Game/Gameplay Portal:Juego/Gameplay Portail:Jeu/Gameplay Портал:Гейм/Gameplay P
Category:Kampf Category:Fight Category:Combate Category:Combat Category:Бороться 4
Template:Portal Kampf Template:Portal Fight Template:Portal Combate Template:Portail Combat Template:Portal Бороться T
Portal:Kampf Portal:Fight Portal:Combate Portail:Combat Портал:Бороться P
Category:Magie Category:Magic Category:Magia Category:Magie Category:Мэги 4
Template:Portal Magie Template:Portal Magic Template:Portal Magia Template:Portail Magie Template:Portal Мэги T
Portal:Magie Portal:Magic Portal:Magia Portail:Magie Портал:Мэги P
Category:Handwerk Category:Craft Category:Craft Category:Craft Category:Pемесленничество 4
Template:Portal Handwerk Template:Portal Craft Template:Portal Craft Template:Portail Craft Template:Portal Pемесленничество T
Portal:Handwerk Portal:Craft Portal:Craft Portail:Craft Портал:Pемесленничество P
Category:Ernte Category:Harvest Category:Perforación Category:Forage Category:Бурение 4
Template:Portal Ernte Template:Portal Harvest Template:Portal Perforación Template:Portail Forage Template:Portal Бурение T
Portal:Ernte Portal:Harvest Portal:Cosecha Portail:Forage Портал:Бурение P
Category:Roleplay Category:Roleplay Category:Roleplay Category:Roleplay Category:Roleplay 3
Template:Portal Roleplay Template:Portal Roleplay Template:Portal Roleplay Template:Portail Roleplay Template:Portal Roleplay T
Portal:Spiel/Roleplay Portal:Game/Roleplay Portal:Juego/Roleplay Portail:Jeu/Roleplay Портал:Гейм/Roleplay P
Category:Community Category:Community Category:Comunidad Category:Communauté Category:Сообщество 3
Template:Portal Community Template:Portal Community Template:Portal Community Template:Portail Community Template:Portal Community T
Portal:Spiel/Community Portal:Game/Community Portal:Juego/Comunidad Portail:Jeu/Communauté Портал:Гейм/Сообщество P
Category:Animation Category:Animation Category:Animación Category:Animation Category:Oдушевление 3
Template:Portal Animation Template:Portal Animation Template:Portal Animation fr:Template:Portail Animation Template:Portal Animation T
Portal:Spiel/Animation Portal:Game/Animation Portal:Juego/Animación fr:Portail:Jeu/Animation Портал:Гейм/Oдушевление P
Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ 2
Template:Portal Atys‎ Template:Portal Atys‎ Template:Portal Atys‎ Template:Portail Atys‎ Template:Portal Atys‎ T
Portal:Atys‎ Portal:Atys‎ Portal:Atys‎ Portail:Atys‎ Портал:Atys‎ P
Category:Planeten Category:Planet Category:Planeta Category:Planète Category:Планета 4
Template:Portal Planeten Template:Portal Planet Template:Portal Planeta Template:Portail Planète Template:Portal Планета T
Portal:Planeten Portal:Planet Portal:Planeta Portail:Planète Портал:Планета P
Category:Gebietsansässige Category:Inhabitants Category:Habitantes Category:Habitants Category:Inhabitants 3
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal Die Große Bibliothek‎
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal The Great Library‎
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal La Gran Biblioteca
Template:Portail Atys‎
Template:Portail La Grande Bibliothèque
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal Великая Библиотека
Category:Flora Category:Flora Category:Flora Category:Flore Category:Флора 4
Template:Portal Flora Template:Portal Flora Template:Portal Flora Template:Portail Flore Template:Портал Флора T
Portal:Flora Portal:Flora Portal:Flora Portail:Flore Портал:Флора P
Category:Fauna Category:Fauna Category:Fauna Category:Faune Category:Fauna 4
Template:Portal Fauna Template:Portal Fauna Template:Portal Fauna Template:Portail Faune Template:Portal Fauna T
Portal:Fauna Portal:Fauna Portal:Fauna Portail:Faune Портал:Fauna P
de:Category:Die Völker von Atys en:Category:Peoples of Atys es:Category:Pueblos de Atys fr:Category:Les Peuples d'Atys ru:Category:Народы Atys 4
Category:Rassen Category:Races Category:Razas Category:Races Категория:Расы 5
Template:Portal Rassen Template:Portal Races Template:Portal Razas Template:Portail Races Шаблон:Портал Расы T
Portal:Atys/Rassen Portal:Atys/Races Portal:Atys/Razas Portail:Atys/Races Портал:Атис/Расы P
Category:Stämme Category:Tribes Category:Tribus Category:Tribus Category:Племена 5
Template:Portal Stamm Template:Portal Tribe Template:Portal Tribu Template:Portail Tribu Template:Portal Племя‎ T
Portal:Atys/Stämme Portal:Atys/Tribes Portal:Atys/Tribus Portail:Atys/Tribus Портал:Atys/Племен P
Category:Zivilisation Category:Civilization Category:Civilizaciones de Atys Category:Civilisations Homines Category:Цивилизация 5
Template:Portal Zivilisation Template:Portal Civilization Template:Portal Civilización Template:Portail Civilisation Template:Portal Civilization T
Portal:Atys/Zivilisation Portal:Atys/Civilization Portal:Atys/Civilización Portail:Civilisation Портал:Atys/Цивилизация P
Category:Fyros Category:Fyros Category:Fyros Category:Fyros Category:Fyros 6
Template:Portal Fyros Template:Portal Fyros Template:Portal Fyros Template:Portail Fyros Template:Portal Fyros T
Portal:Fyros Portal:Fyros Portal:Fyros Portail:Fyros Портал:Fyros P
Category:Matis Category:Matis Category:Matis Category:Matis Category:Matis 6
Template:Portal Matis Template:Portal Matis Template:Portal Matis Template:Portail Matis Template:Portal Matis T
Portal:Matis Portal:Matis Portal:Matis Portail:Matis Портал:Matis P
Category:Tryker Category:Tryker Category:Tryker Category:Tryker Category:Tryker 6
Template:Portal Tryker Template:Portal Tryker Template:Portal Tryker Template:Portail Tryker Template:Portal Tryker T
Portal:Tryker Portal:Tryker Portal:Tryker Portail:Tryker Портал:Tryker P
Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï 6
Template:Portal Zoraï Template:Portal Zoraï Template:Portal Zoraï Template:Portail Zoraï Template:Portal Zoraï T
Portal:Zoraï Portal:Zoraï Portal:Zoraï Portail:Zoraï Портал:Zoraï P
Category:Ranger Category:Rangers Category:Rangers Category:Rangers Category:Рейнджеры 6
Template:Portal Ranger Template:Portal Rangers Template:Portal Rangers Template:Portail Rangers Template:Портал Рейнджеры T
Portal:Rangers Portal:Rangers Portal:Rangers Portail:Rangers Портал:Рейнджеры P
Category:Fraktionen Category:Factions Category:Factions Category:Factions Category:Factions 5
Template:Portal Factions Template:Portal Factions Template:Portal Factions Template:Portail Factions Template:Portal Factions T
Portal:Factions Portal:Factions Portal:Factions Portail:Factions Портал:Factions P
Category:Religion Category:Religion Category:Religión Category:Religions Category:Религия 5
Template:Portal Factions
Template:Portal Gesellschaft
Template:Portal Factions
Template:Portal Society
Template:Portal Factions
Template:Portal Sociedad
Template:Portail Factions
Template:Portail Société
Template:Portal Factions
Template:Portal Общество
Category:Kamis Category:Kamis Category:Kamis Category:Kamis Category:Kamis 6
Template:Portal Kami Template:Portal Kami Template:Portal Kami Template:Portail Kami Template:Portal Kami T
Portal:Kami Portal:Kami Portal:Kami Portail:Kami Портал:Kami P
Category:Karavan Category:Karavan Category:Karavan Category:Karavan Category:Karavan 6
Template:Portal Karavan Template:Portal Karavan Template:Portal Karavan Template:Portail Karavan Template:Portal Karavan T
Portal:Karavan Portal:Karavan Portal:Karavan Portail:Karavan Портал:Karavan P
Category:Marodeuren Category:Marauders Category:Merodeadores Category:Maraudeurs Category:Marauders 6
Template:Portal Marodeuren Template:Portal Marauders Template:Portal Merodeadores Template:Portail Maraudeurs Template:Portal Marauder T
Portal:Marodeuren Portal:Marauders Portal:Merodeadores Portail:Maraudeurs Портал:Marauders P
Category:Trytonisten Category:Trytonists Category:Trytonistas Category:Trytonistes Category:Тритонисты 6
Template:Portal Trytonisten Template:Portal Trytonists Template:Portal Trytonistas Template:Portail Trytonistes Template:Portal Тритонисты T
Portal:Trytonisten Portal:Trytonists Portal:Trytonistas Portail:Tritonystes Портал:Тритонисты P
Category:Die Große Bibliothek Category:The Great Library Category:La Gran Biblioteca Category:La Grande Bibliothèque Category:Великая Библиотека 2
Template:Portal Die Große Bibliothek Template:Portal The Great Library Template:Portal La Gran Biblioteca Template:Portail La Grande Bibliothèque Template:Portal Великая Библиотека T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek Portal:The Great Library Portal:La Gran Biblioteca Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque Портал:Великая Библиотека P
Category:Wissenschaft und Technik Category:Science and technology‏‎ Category:Ciencia y tecnología Category:Sciences et techniques Category:Наука и техника 3
Template:Portal Wissenschaften Template:Portal Sciences Template:Portal Ciencias Template:Portail Sciences Template:Portal Науки T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek/Wissenschaft Portal:The Great Library/Sciences Portal:La Gran Biblioteca/Ciencias Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque/Sciences Портал:Великая Библиотека/Наука P
Category:Literatur Category:Literature Category:Literatura Category:Littérature Category:Литература 3
Template:Portal Literatur Template:Portal Literature Template:Portal Literatura Template:Portail Littérature Template:Portal Литература T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek/Literatur Portal:The Great Library/Literature Portal:La Gran Biblioteca/Literatura Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque/Littérature Портал:Великая Библиотека/Литература P
Category:Gesellschaft Category:Society Category:Sociedad Category:Société Category:Общество 3
Template:Portal Gesellschaft Template:Portal Society Template:Portal Sociedad Template:Portail Société Template:Portal Общество T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek/Gesellschaft Portal:The Great Library/Society Portal:La Gran Biblioteca/Sociedad Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque/Société Портал:Великая Библиотека/Общество P
Category:Homins‎ Category:Homins‎ Category:Homins‎ Category:Homins‎ Category:Homins‎ 3
Template:Portal Homins‎ Template:Portal Homins‎ Template:Portal Homins‎ Template:Portail Homins‎ Template:Portal Homins‎ T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek/Homins‎ Portal:The Great Library/Homins‎ Portal:La Gran Biblioteca/Homins‎ Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque/Homins‎ Портал:Великая Библиотека/Homins‎ P
Category:Geschichte Category:History Category:Historia Category:Histoire‎ Category:История 3
Template:Portal Geschichte Template:Portal History Template:Portal Historia Template:Portail Histoire‎ Template:Portal История T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek/Geschichte Portal:The Great Library/History Portal:La Gran Biblioteca/Historia Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque/Histoire‎ Портал:Великая Библиотека/История P
Category:Trödel Category:Bric-a-brac Category:Batiburillo Category:Bric-à-brac Category:Базар 3
Template:Portal Trödel Template:Portal Bric-a-brac Template:Portal Batiburillo Template:Portail Bric-à-brac Template:Portal Базар T
Portal:Die Große Bibliothek/Trödel Portal:The Great Library/Bric-a-brac Portal:La Gran Biblioteca/Batiburillo Portail:La Grande Bibliothèque/Bric-à-brac Портал:Великая Библиотека/Базар P
Category:Chroniken Category:Chronicles Category:Crónicas Category:Chroniques Category:Хроники 2
Template:Portal Chroniken Template:Portal Chronicles Template:Portal Crónicas Template:Portail Chroniques Template:Portal Хроники T
Portal:Chroniken Portal:Chronicles Portal:Crónicas Portail:Chroniques Портал:Хроники P
Category:Chroniken Bis 2480 Category:Chronicles Before 2480 Category:Crónicas Antes de 2480 Category:Chroniques Avant 2480 Category:Хроники До 2480 3
Template:Portal Chroniken Bis 2480 Template:Portal Chronicles Before 2480 Template:Portal Crónicas Antes de 2480 Template:Portail Chroniques Avant 2480 Template:Portal Хроники До 2480 T
Portal:Chroniken/Bis 2480 Portal:Chronicles/Before 2480 Portal:Crónicas/Antes de 2480 Portail:Chroniques/Avant 2480 Портал:Хроники/До 2480 P
Category:Chroniken 2481 - 2484 Category:Chronicles 2481 - 2484 Category:Crónicas 2481 - 2484 Category:Chroniques 2481 - 2484 Category:Хроники 2481 - 2484 3
Template:Portal Chroniken 2481 - 2484 Template:Portal Chronicles 2481 - 2484 Template:Portal Crónicas 2481 - 2484 Template:Portail Chroniques 2481 - 2484 Template:Portal Хроники 2481 - 2484 T
Portal:Chroniken/2481 - 2484 Portal:Chronicles/2481 - 2484 Portal:Crónicas/2481 - 2484 Portail:Chroniques/2481 - 2484 Портал:Хроники/2481 - 2484 P
Category:Chroniken 2485 - 2525 Category:Chronicles 2485 - 2525 Category:Crónicas 2485 - 2525 Category:Chroniques 2485 - 2525 Category:Хроники 2485 - 2525 3
Template:Portal Chroniken 2485 - 2525 Template:Portal Chronicles 2485 - 2525 Template:Portal Crónicas 2485 - 2525 Template:Portail Chroniques 2485 - 2525 Template:Portal Хроники 2485 - 2525 T
Portal:Chroniken/2485 - 2525 Portal:Chronicles/2485 - 2525 Portal:Crónicas/2485 - 2525 Portail:Chroniques/2485 - 2525 Портал:Хроники/2485 - 2525 P
Category:Chroniken 2525 - 2562 Category:Chronicles 2525 - 2562 Category:Crónicas 2525 - 2562 Category:Chroniques 2525 - 2562 Category:Хроники 2525 - 2562 3
Template:Portal Chroniken 2525 - 2562 Template:Portal Chronicles 2525 - 2562 Template:Portal Crónicas 2525 - 2562 Template:Portail Chroniques 2525 - 2562 Template:Portal Хроники 2525 - 2562 T
Portal:Chroniken/2525 - 2562 Portal:Chronicles/2525 - 2562 Portal:Crónicas/2525 - 2562 Portail:Chroniques/2525 - 2562 Портал:Хроники/2525 - 2562 P
Category:Chroniken Seit 2562 Category:Chronicles Since 2562 Category:Crónicas Después de 2562 Category:Chroniques Depuis 2562 Category:Хроники С года 2562 3
Template:Portal Chroniken Seit 2562 Template:Portal Chronicles Since 2562 Template:Portal Crónicas Después de 2562 Template:Portail Chroniques Depuis 2562 Template:Portal Хроники С года 2562 T
Portal:Chroniken/Seit 2562 Portal:Chronicles/Since 2562 Portal:Crónicas/Después de 2562 Portail:Chroniques/Depuis 2562 Портал:Хроники/С года 2562 P
Category:Chroniken OOC Category:Chronicles OOC Category:Crónicas OOC Category:Chroniques HRP Category:Хроники OOC 3
Template:Portal Chroniken OOC Template:Portal Chronicles OOC Template:Portal Crónicas OOC Template:Portail Chroniques HRP Template:Portal Хроники OOC T
Portal:Chroniken/OOC Portal:Chronicles/OOC Portal:Crónicas/OOC Portail:Chroniques/HRP Портал:Хроники/OOC P
Category:X-files Category:X-files Category:Entresijos Category:Arcanes Category:X-files 2
Template:Portal X-files Template:Portal X-files Template:Portal Entresijos Template:Portail Arcanes Template:Portal X-files T
Portal:X-files Portal:X-files Portal:Entresijos Portail:Arcanes Портал:X-files P
Category:Archives Category:Archives Category:Archivos Category:Archives Category:Archives 3
Template:Portal Archives Template:Portal Archives Template:Portal Archivos Template:Portail Archives Template:Portal Archives T
Portal:X-files/Archives Portal:X-files/Archives Portal:Entresijos/Archivos Portail:Arcanes/Objets perdus Портал:X-files/Archives P
Category:Geheimnis Category:Mysteries Category:Misterios Category:OVNI Category:Mysteries 3
Template:Portal Geheimnis Template:Portal Mysteries Template:Portal Misterios Template:Portail OVNI Template:Portal Mysteries T
Portal:X-files/Geheimnis Portal:X-files/The_Cave Portal:Entresijos/La_Cueva Portail:Arcanes/OVNI Портал:X-files/Mysteries P
Category:Wikipatys 1
Template:Portal Wikipatys Template:Portal Wikipatys Template:Portal Wikipatys Template:Portail Wikipatys Template:Portal Wikipatys T
Portal:X-files/Wikipatys Portal:X-files/Wikipatys Portal:Entresijos/Wikipatys Portail:Arcanes/Coulisses Портал:X-files/Wikipatys P
Category:Graphic Charter Category:Graphic Charter Category:Graphic Charter Category:Charte graphique Category:Graphic Charter 2
Category:Portal Category:Portals Category:Portales Category:Portails‎ Category:Портал 2
Category:Forge, managed by development team 1
Template:Portal Forge Template:Portal Forge Template:Portal Forge fr:Template:Portail Forge Template:Portal Forge T
Portal:Forge Portal:Forge Portal:Forge Portail:Forge Портал:Forge P
Category:Lore, managed by Lore team 1
Template:Portal Lore Template:Portal Lore Template:Portal Lore fr:Template:Portail Lore Template:Portal Lore T
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Wikis of the Ryzom teams

Alongside the player-enriched Encyclopatys encyclopedia, two wikis are dedicated to the Ryzom teams. These two wikis contain useful information for the players who can feed the wiki with knowledge of the history of Atys as transmitted by the Lore team and the mechanisms of the game as described by the Forge team. Because, these spaces, though controlled (via a validation process) by the members of these two teams, are not "locked".

The Lore

This category gathers the pages transmitted by the Lore Team of Ryzom, which is the guardian of the Tradition that describes the natural, social and political history of Atys.

Sous catégorie Sous niveau ou portail
Official Lore‎ All pages approved by the lorists. These pages can be edited by administrators only.

Migrated Lore(FR only)
Ancient Lore template‎(FR only)
Lore template‎
Lore‎ validation
Wiki merge

Technical management of the Lore
Pages to be check Pages awaiting validation, provisionally write-protected by the lorists or, in agreement with them, by the administrators.

The Forge

The category gathers all the technical documents useful for the development which are elaborated by the Forge team of Ryzom.

Sub-category Sub-level or portal

Category:Comm Marketing‎
Category:Comp Graphic‎
Category:Forge Dev‎
Category:Forge Event‎
Category:Forge Lore‎
Category:Forge Portal‎
Category:Help contents‎
Category:K dfn sitem‎
Category:K item typ‎
Category:K primitives ryzom core‎
Category:K sitem typ‎
Category:Wiki Admin‎

Sub-categories bear (and must bear) identical names in all five languages.

The Wikipatys

"The Wikipatys is the dark side of the administration of this wiki ;)"

Wikipatys is the indispensable toolkit for maintaining Wiki Ryzom (templates, technical documents, archives...), used and itself maintained by players who benefit of an experience of Mediawiki and Wikipedia (Bureaucrats and Administrators).

In addition to the categories listed below, this category contains many sub-categories and technical and maintenance pages. Some are created automatically by MediaWiki ("Broken redirections", for example), others are semi-manual (such as "Hidden categories") or created by templates indicating that action is expected (case of the category "Work In Progress" which collects the pages in the process of edition by a contributor).

Presentation toolkit
Categorization The Categorization category includes categorization rules shared by the five languages of the wiki.
Graphic charter The Graphic charter category includes the graphic charter of the Ryzom Wiki and the associated templates. The colors are those frequently used in the game (for uniforms, logos, etc.), in the wiki (for Trykers, Kamis, etc.) and in the Forge (for alerts, comments, etc.). They are combined on several intensities in order to allow sufficient contrasts for comfortable reading.
Templates Notice templates The Notice templates' category includes templates that are inserted in the top of articles, or of some paragraphs to warn the reader of the relevance, quality, etc. of their content.
Graphic templates These templates are gathered in the Graphic Charter category (see above).
Infobox templates The infobox templates' category contains the Ryzom Wiki's templates of boxes giving insight of an article.

An "infobox" in Wikipedia is a fixed-format table of dynamic data that summarizes important information about a topic in a box or box usually added to the top right-hand corner of an article. The information inside such a box is not intended to replace the article: the content of an infobox should therefore remain very brief. In the Ryzom Wiki, these boxes have the appearance of an amber for everything concerning the game as seen by players (be they "roleplayers" or not), and a "fluo" frame for more technical topics (i.e., essentially what the Forge deals with).

Portal link The portal links' category includes all the links inserted in the articles to send to their portal(s).

These links are located at the very bottom of the page of the concerned article.

Formatting templates The Formatting templates' category includes all the tools necessary for the page setting of the textual part of the articles.
‎‎Lore templates The Lore templates' category contains the specific models used for the articles concerned by the Lore.
Navigation templates‎‎ The Navigation templates' category gathers the banners collecting several links.

These banners are templates which allow you to navigate in a restricted group of articles, via a grouping of internal links in the same frame. It is generally added horizontally at the bottom of the page or, more seldom, vertically to its right (cf. Wikipedia).

Tab templates‎‎ The Tab category groups together the templates allowing the creation of tabs in a portal.
Templates The Templates' FR category (Catégorie) collects English-coded templates that are functional in all the languages of the Ryzom Wiki (those whose code, therefore, does not require translation).
Portals The portals' category is detailed in the following table.
Portal Categorization
ZO flag yellow.png Portals

Each portal has a corresponding category and a link template to that portal.
(See the categorization table for more information.)

Exemple : the Flora portal

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Category:Featured article

Hidden categories that bring together the most striking or representative pages of a portal's theme to allow one of them to be displayed ( e.g. different every day of the week or month) on that portal's home page.

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Example for a thematic portal:
Category:Featured article/Flora‏‎ including two sub-categories grouping respectively the "monthly" and "weekly" pages,
Category:Featured article/Flora/Month‎‎ et Category:Featured article/Flora/Week
Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Examples for the home page:
fr:Catégorie: Lumière sur/Accueil gathers the "Light on" pages intended for the illustration of the main home page of the FR Ryzom Wiki.

Main Page/Featured Article illustrates the main home page of the EN Ryzom Wiki.

Ico task rite.png Example of a single page available for any occasion:
Featured article/Atys
Spe inventory.pngZo Wea AmberRing.png Category:Template:Portal

Navigation banners displayed at the bottom of pages and pointing to portals. Thus the one displayed at the foot of this table and pointing to The portal of the Atys Mysteries.

No subcategory
Zo Wea AmberRing.png Examples of banners:
Template:Portal Flora
Template:Portal X-files
Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Category:Portail:N-portail
An usually hidden category grouping subcategories collecting pages referring to the N-portal portal and pages displayed by transclusion in the standard frames of the same portal.
Spe inventory.pngTR flag village blue.png Example of such category: Category:Portal:Chronicles/Related articles
Ico task rite.png Examples of pages to be displayed in the standard frames:
Portal Flora/Intro
Portal Atys/Notes
Portal Fauna/2do
Portal Flora/Categories
Portal Lore/Plan
Portal Fyros/More about
It is not necessary to create them all and their names are at the contributor's discretion.