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To the page [[Chat/RC channel list]]
To the page [[Chat/RC channel list]]

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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Amosys, 2019-06-28)

To the page Chat/RC channel list

  • To hide a channel is to remain a member of the channel but to remove it from your list of channels on the left-hand pane.
  • To leave a channel is to remove it from your list of channels and to leave the channel (i.e., no longer be a member of the channel).


The Ryzom external chat screen (RC)

On a large screen (PC), the large areas of the screen:

  • vertical bar on the left: main actions at the top and list of channels and private conversations
  • in some cases, a panel appears on the right (e. g. creation of a channel) or at the bottom (to write, attach a file...)

In the center (what we read):
RC interact 2menus.png
on the far right are two small icons (which appear if you fly over the V's):
  • a smiley: allows you to interact without interrupting the speech, useful to vote quickly, give your approval, comment etc.... Better than it simple like, we choose its icon (there are bp). If another user clicks on it, RC displays the countdown
  • three vertical points:
    • on other people's messages: Reply, permanent link, copy, quote, bookmark, ignore, mark as unread.
    • If it is one of your old messages (you own it) you will find Reply, Modify, permanent link, copy, quote, bookmark and delete (the message remains, with the message Message deleted).


  • In top left: your account, quick search, Directory, Display mode, Sort (from the left panel), Create a channel.
  • RC upright icons.png
    In top right: Channel information (opens on the right), Search in messages, List of members (of the current lounge/channel), List of files, Plus which opens a menu Menu top right More
  • high, in the center if on a channel: name of the current channel (and below thesubject), the star to put/remove from its favorite channels
  • In bottom, at right (in a channel) the +
    lower right, the + menu
    opens a menu, useful to attach an image or file (from your PC) and at "left" the smileys

Interaction with another user (small screen version): reaction on an old message, by adding a smiley (ice), which appeared (on a blue background) with only 1 vote for the moment.

While writing, you can add a smile with :smile: without the mouse. The smileys are pre-recorded, e. g.:) (transformed into :slight_smile:). We can also deactivate them (my account).
For links, [on the general RC channel] (https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/general) or <https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/general/ |on the general RC>.


RC images are under the category [[Category:RC chat]] at https://atys.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Category:RC_chat (itself under the category:Chat).