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[[Category:Event Chains|Tears of the Emperor]]
[[Category:Event Chains|Tears of the Emperor]]

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Tears of the Emperor was a chain of events running in 2011. It involved dozens of events running for months, all tying into an overlapping storyline.

The main storyline revolved around the Fyros Emperor Dexton falling fatally ill, and the Fyros seeking the aid of the Zoraï in curing him. At the same time, the Matis prepared for the marriage of their Prince. The storyline would often have 2 events running simultaneously; one on the Fyros side and one on the Matis side.

This line of events took place on all three servers, but had very different results on each:

  • On Arispotle (English server), the Matis Prince provoked a war that the Matis won, then burned down Thesos.
  • On Aniro (French server), the Fyros won the war (it's unknown if any Matis towns were burned).
  • On Leanon (German server), the Fyros prince provoked a war that was prevented by the diplomacy of the Matis.

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Events in this chain

Date: Saturday, 27 August, 20:00 GMT

Description: The flowering period has finally arrived for Stevano-Karin, only son of Yrkanis-Karan, Jena's chosen one, and Lea Leanardi-Kerae. Stevano-Karin's marriage to Fillia Taloa will be held on at the Knoll of Dissent in a beautiful grove of birches to the west of Dryland Gate Stronghold... Read more

Date: Saturday, 9 April, 20:00 GMT

Description: Prince Stevano finalizes his plans and observes his orders being carried out. He prepares to break camp soon. The King orders that they carry on quickly. They will put the plan into action and march to reclaim their lands. Triumph or fail; the time has finally come. The end is upon us... Read more

Date: Saturday, 9 April, 20:00 GMT

Description: Regent Lykos calls the Akenak to a special meeting at the Imperial Hall. A meeting of dire importance for all Patriots, allies and parties concerned will be held at the Agora in Pyr after the Akenak meeting...

Date: Saturday, 26 March, 20:00 GMT

Description: Jena spoke to Prince Stevano of a most grandiose idea. King Yrkanis has studied his proposal, accepted it, and has ordered him to execute it as soon as possible. He will summon the Subjects and his "allies" to explain what will be needed to put this plan in place...

Date: Saturday, 26 March, 20:00 GMT

Description: In a joint effort, Tao Sian and Diophysse Apomus have completed their research and wish to speak with Patriots of the Empire and interested parties at the Temple Hall Square in Zora...

Date: Monday, 14 March, 00:00 GMT

Description: King Yrkanis has specific orders for Prince Stevano which must be executed without delay. Yene explained to him the contents of his mission, which is highly important. Now the prince must inform his subjects and his allies...

Date: Saturday, 12 March, 20:00 GMT

Description: Healer Tao Sian will require an escort to return to the Witherings to research the Zoraï archives in Jen-Laï. All interested parties should meet at the Cerakos Gate in Pyr...

Date: Thursday, 17 February until Thursday, 10 March

Description: Emperor Dexton's condition has confined him to the bedchamber with hardly any energy or strength. The antidote procured by Tao Sian, Zoraï healer, has offered little comfort to Emperor Dexton. Therefore, Tao Sian requests the aid of all homins to search for the cure...

Date: Saturday, 5 February until Sunday, 20 February

Description: Under authorization of Queen Lea Lenardi, the Queens Court will be accepting petitions for the future bride of the esteemed Prince Stevano. Petitions will be taken at the tournament at the Matis Arena. After the choice of Princess has been determined a Royal wedding will be planned...

Date: Saturday, 5 February, 20:00 GMT

Description: Healer Tao Sian will await her escort from Zora to Pyr at the Grand-Place in Zora to bring her curative compound for Emperor Dexton. In order to not be surprised by the ferocious beasts that plague the areas the escort will pass, please bring proper attire and defensive weapons. The road will be long and the danger real...

Date: Saturday, 29 January, 19:00 GMT

Description: The very roots of the Empire have been shaken and we fear for the worst. The most esteemed wife of sharükos, sharükos Xania, beseeches the Senate to assemble once more and in unity attend to the rites. In unity, she beseeches the citizens of the Fyros Nation to attend the assemblage at the Agora in Pyr and bear witness to these rites...