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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Animals
Category Primitive
Main Ecosystem(s) Jungle
Attack type Blunt & Cold

Gibbaï are the primitive race corresponding to the Zoraï. They exist in the Jungle and the Forest.

Main Details

  • Partially resistant to Cold magic and piercing damage.
  • Gibbaï can cast Cold spells.

Valued Equipment

Gibbaï, when killed, can be looted for their jewelry, which resembles that of the Zoraï.

Higher Gibbaï

The gibbaï in Void are far more intelligent than most gibbaï. These higher gibbaï can communicate with homins and have organised themselves as a tribe, known as the Gibads.

Gibads distinguish themselves from normal gibbaï by several physical traits. First and foremost is the fur colouration; Gibads have a rusty red fur whereas gibbaï have black fur. Other less notable physical features are the more prominent whiskers and larger eyes of the Gibads over those of the lesser gibbaï. Gibbads also wear some beige clothes resembling the light and medium armour crafted by the Zoraï.

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
179 Frightening Gibbaï
170 Belligerent Gibbaï
161 Crabby Gibbaï
151 Creeping Gibbaï
139 Lurking Gibbaï
130 Veteran Gibbaï
120 Seasoned Gibbaï
111 Savage Gibbaï

Exceptional Specimens

Name Level Type Jewellry Quality Location
Demolisher Gibbaï 210 Named Choice Q180 Grove of Umbra
Destroyer Gibbaï 210 Named Choice Q180 Hidden Source
Destroyer Gibbaï 260 Named Choice Q230 Grove of Confusion
Jinbaï 210 Named Excellent Q180 Knot of Dementia
Mahi 210 Named Excellent Q180 Heretic's Hovel, Nexus
Gibbakin 220 Boss Supreme Q190 Heretic's Hovel
Gibbakya 220 Boss Supreme Q190 Grove of Umbra

Contaminated Specimens

A Goo-infected Gibbaï.

Like all creatures, Gibbaï can become infected with and corrupted by the Goo, making them stronger and more aggressive. Gibbaï seem to be particularly vulnerable to Goo infection.

Infected Gibbaï so far only appear at events. The Goo-infection makes them invulnerable to Rot magic.

Level Name
215 Fiendish Gibbaï
206 Frenzied Gibbaï
197 Demented Gibbaï
179 Revolting Gibbaï
170 Foaming Gibbaï
161 Seeping Gibbaï

Misunderstood Gibbaï

Misunderstood Gibbaï

A misunderstood gibbaï is a gibbaï that has mutated to enormous proportions and strength. Specimens appeared in the forest during a Goo infestation. They seem to hang out around Goo mounds, but do not seem infected by the Goo. Much is still unknown about them.

  • Level: 210
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Jewelry: Excellent Q180
  • Location: Verdant Heights

Heinous Gibbaï

  • Level: 290
  • Type: Boss
  • Grade of Materials: Unknown
  • Location: Void (Events only)

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