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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Forest, Desert and Jungle
Attack type Slash

A frenetic canine-like animal with a mane and strong shoulders that are higher than its hind quarters, powerful jaws and strong teeth. Gingos live in pacts of up to five individuals and feed on carrion left over by predators. They are known for their shrill cackle which resembles maniacal laughter.[1]

Main Details

  • Natural immunity to Fear and Slow Attack.
  • Moderately resistant to Cold and Rot magic.
  • Partially resistant to slash damage.
  • A threatened gingo can kick up dust in order to blind its prey.

Valued Resources

Gingos, when killed, can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens


  • Level: 160
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Excellent
  • Location: Haven of Purity


  • Level: 220
  • Type: Boss
  • Grade of Materials: Supreme
  • Location: Upper Bog


  • Level: 210
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Excellent
  • Location: Grove of Umbra


  • Level: 110
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Excellent
  • Location: Fleeting Garden


Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
195 Huge Gingo
185 Fearsome Gingo
175 Raging Gingo
166 Preying Gingo
153 Prowling Gingo
143 Hunting Gingo
133 Marauding Gingo
123 Roaring Gingo
109 Menacing Gingo
97 Dangerous Gingo
82 Malicious Gingo
72 Scary Gingo
59 Baying Gingo
46 Scowling Gingo
35 Growling Gingo
24 Puny Gingo
23 Vigorous Gingo
15 Weeny Gingo