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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Desert and Lakes
Attack type Slash, Electric

A crustacean with four identical legs, two powerful pincers, and characterized by a translucent sphere containing a watery substance which it dangles above its head. The goari half buries its carapace in the ground or submerges itself in water leaving only the sphere on show. It then shakes the sphere to attract thirsty animals. When the prey is near enough it springs forth, pincers ready for the kill.[1]

Main Details

  • Immune against Blind, Sleep and Stun.
  • Moderate resistance to Rot magic.
  • Partially resistant to Electric magic and blunt damage.
  • Can fire a lightning ball.

Valued Resources

Goaris can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens





  • Level: 170
  • Type: Boss
  • Grade of Materials: Supreme
  • Location: Sawdust Mines

Slayer Goari

  • Level: 110
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Choice
  • Location: Oflovak's Oasis

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
247 Great Goari
150 Prowling Goari
106 Menacing Goari
91 Dangerous Goari
83 Malicious Goari
70 Scary Goari
57 Baying Goari
44 Scowling Goari
32 Growling Goari
20 Vigorous Goari
20 Puny Goari
11 Weeny Goari