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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) The Prime Roots
Counterattack type Blunt & Shockwave

A massive, elegantly shaped plant measuring up to 10 meters in height which reaches out midway into leafy branches. The reproductive organ is situated at the top of the plant which flowers into brightly colored tufts. The jubla is a peaceful plant, though if menaced, a series of orifices situated at approximately one meter from the ground around the bulbous base are thrust out on fleshy stems projecting large seeds at the aggressor.[1] The jubla pollen is flammable and prone to spontaneous combustion when propelled into the air. Jublas do not have sexual diversion but as many other intelligent plants tend to form tight colonies.[2] The jubla grows in the Prime Roots of Atys

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Fear and Acid.
  • Moderately resistant to Cold and Rot magic.
  • Partially resistant to slash and blunt damage.

Valued Resources

Jublas can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens



Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
224 Devastating Jubla
214 Prodigeous Jubla
205 Rapacious Jubla
195 Horrifying Jubla
178 Rattled Jubla
169 Prickly Jubla
159 Unpredictable Jubla
150 Vile Jubla
139 Noxious Jubla
129 Rooting Jubla
119 Stalking Jubla
109 Parched Jubla