Liandra of Alanowë

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Personal Amber
Liandra d’Alanowë
Liandra d’Alanowë.jpg
Warrior and Journalist
Race Matis
Gender Female
Nation Kingdom of Matia
Organization La Nouvelle Feuille d'Atys
Worship Cult of Light
Faction Karavan
Guild Cercle de Sokkarie puis
Étoile d'Obsidienne
Rank (ex-)Commander
Masteress of theBlades
Death Harvestor 25, 2e CA 2528



Grimoires du Cercle de Sokkarie [2]:

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  2. Cercle de Sokkarie:
  3. Monday 16th of august, 2004.
  4. Wednesday 18 th of august, 2004.
  5. Mardi 17 août 2004.
  6. Saturday 9th of october, 2004.
  7. Tuesday 19th of october, 2004
  8. Friday 22th of october, 2004.
  9. , 15th of november, 2004