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de:See der Freiheit
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es:Lago de la Libertad
fr:Lac de la Liberté
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Geographical Amber
Liberty Lake
LibertyLake Map.jpg
Sub-Continent Aeden Aqueous
Region Level 1 - 50
Neutral Altar Kami and Karavan
Area 6.728 km²

The region Liberty Lake consists of a myriad of lakes and lagoons situated on the continent of Aeden Aqueous. This was the first lake district the Trykers came upon after two years of underground confinement in the Prime Roots. The name was given by Tryker sages not only to reflect the general sensation of new liberation, but also as a constant reminder to all those who would dare harbor thoughts that would infringe on the Tryker fundamental values of freedom for all and all for freedom. Superstitions Trykers believe to this day that the mere evocation of the name in the mouth of a potential aggressor would distance any intention of suppression.

A first new settlement was naturally outlined in the paradisical lands and arose to become the new aptly named Tryker capital of Fairhaven. Three villages, whose names are equally reminiscent of Tryker values, also flourish in the region. Crystabell, where crystalline waters flow; Windermeer, known for its windy tops and wind turbines; and Avendale, seated in the beautiful valley east of the capital. Liberty Lake also shelters as many as six outposts including Darkmoor Border Post, Dainty Isle Workshop, Sandy Workshop, Farely Farm, Greenvale Trade Post and Windermeer Farm. They are generally occupied by the Corsairs, the only tribe in the region.

Being the first area of the Lake Lands to be explored by Trykers, Liberty Lake is consequently the safest of the continent where the young Tryker novice is able to learn the ropes and get to grips with improving skills. But the region is not devoid of danger and the traveler may come across many potentially lethal wild creatures such as the goari, clopper, yubo, yber and the messab. The only kitin found in the area is the kipee, harmless if unprovoked and providing useful raw materials if hunted. The Stinga plant is the region's only native intelligent plant.




Located in the Northeastern part of the region. From Darkmoor many roots sprout from the dark and shallow waters, which is also home to a species of goo-corrupted Stinga.


A rather large island, encapsulating a small lake, located between Fairhaven and Crystabell. This island is home to variety of species, especially Clopper and Kipee, as well as a group of bandits.


Altar Cave

South of Windermeer Farm there is a cave with an altar in it.

Darkmoor Cave

A cave believed to be used by pirates and the like. Located near the entrance of Darkmoor from Dew Drops.

Temple of Jena

Located West of Fairhaven,


Settling Groups

Bandit Camps



Races: Tryker

Religion: Kami


Camp: Liberty Lake (map)

Notable NPC's

Mac'Laughan Breggie
Sigio Nirello
Be'Riplan Jichy
O'Cauty Garmer
Be'Toolly Derren
Be'Keeer Breggie
Ba'Reiliam Eoppie
O'arpsey Kedgy
O'Darghan Aeddan
Taciturn Vagabond

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