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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2019-05-12)

The Marauders have been abandoned in the hostile lands, and have survived the attacks Kitins, while homins were hiding in the primary roots. Their goal is to avenge this forgetfulness of these factions... destroying civilizations homines, by occupying the cities homines, as well as their outposts... and then reduce the survivors to slavery.






Matis - Unfriendly
Trykers - Unfriendly
Zoraïs - Unfriendly
Fyros - Unfriendly

Their values

  • They claim to be free of the influences of the Kamis and the Karavan, but seem to know the "use" (note : comment sibylline of Stabre Sicco in the Chronicles of Atys)

Their Leader

  • The Marauders are organised into clans, independent but obedient to a war chief.

"'Great Lord:"'

"'Dedicated Servants"':

"Other known members"':

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Their Vision of the World of Atys

Their Banned

Their Ancestors



  • "'The Matis"':
  • "'The Trykers"':
  • "'The Fyros"':
  • "'The Zoraïs"':