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The portal of the Flora

There are currently 113 pages related to the portal and 140 elements in the category Flora.

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The wonderful flora of Atys

Concept art of a Rotoa tree.

We have two indexes of all the flora that can be found on Atys:

This section lists the flora of Atys as it appears to the laymen homin. Note that many of this 'flora' isn't even really plants, but actually fungi or even immobile animals. But you'd have to dabble in botany a bit before you realise this.
The flora you may run into varies immensely based on the ecosystem of the continent you're in. Only a few plants appear in multiple ecosystems (like the Olansi tree that appears in both desert and lakelands). Thus the flora is classified by ecosystem.
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Atys, the living planet

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Taxonomic Amber
Faneng in winter
Kingdom Plant
Category Root
Main Ecosystem(s) Jungle
Counterattack type None

Plant of singular appearance, which could be taken for a mushroom, the faneng is in fact the fleshy shoot of a large rhizome.

This toxic, very stringy bud bears at its apex a green puff called cladode which is used for photosynthesis. Only this upper part is used by Zoraïs (the faneng-hakka*, which they think is a host plant) who extract from it a particularly effective anti-toxin.

*↑ The “faneng host” in Taki Zoraï.

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Myths about Flora

Fyros Legend

The Great Tree is immortal, and its ashes, once cooled, regain their vitality. From the ashes come flowers and fruits. The flora spreads towards the sky in the hope of reaching other planets.

Matis Myth

All the vegetation was born from the hands of the Matis. These agile artists sculpted each of the elegant leaves of Atys. The Goo, or more rarely the original chaos, is responsible for any malformation.

Tryker Myth

The Seed has many offshoots that form the vegetation of Atys. Plants are not so cooperative with the capricious Kamis, but the Kamis nevertheless use them to generate and then feed their creatures. But the Flora of Atys needs protection. Otherwise the homin civilizations will perish, leaving nothing but the bestial prosperity of the corrupted Goo…

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  Beware Atysians! Some plants have shown signs of intelligence, finding ways to communicate with other thinking species. From there to knowing if their message is peaceful or malicious, it's up to you to find out...

However, the eight botanical families listed below should help you to find your way through the teeming flora of Atys.

You should also know that all Atys plants that are not (or not only) members of these families are listed in the “pseudo-family” Special plants.

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