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Portal of the Trytonists

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We, Elias researchers

We are the researchers of Elias

We follow Elias Tryton's instructions. He invited us to move away from the deceptive and dominant influence of the Kamis and the Karavan. We are fighting to win our Homin freedom. We're looking for ways to break free.

As these great powers and the Homins who have pledged allegiance to them consider us dangerous enemies, we work in the shadows. Do not try to join us, we will recognize you for your works and invite you if we see in you future companions on the road to freedom.

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Amber of Homin civilization
Trytonistes emblem.png
The Trytonists
Secret organization
Continent Atys
Capital Atys
Politic Freedom!
The Great Guide Elias Tryton
Assembly Personal invitation
Agora Anyway (see the invitation)
Trait Anti-factions
Kami Foe
Karavan Foe
Fyros Suspicious
Matis Suspicious
Trykers Suspicious
Zoraïs Suspicious
Marauders Neutral
Rangers Suspicious
Trytonists Seekers

The trytonistes are in secret guilds. It is very difficult to obtain information about them. It is believed that their members are often part of other guilds and they use pseudonyms to remain anonymous. But there is no proof of that ...

They hate both Karavan and Kamis.

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