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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Forest and Jungle
Counterattack type Shockwave & Electric

Of the family of Psychic plants, the psykopla's short stem is surmounted by a large bulbous head which changes color when pulsating. It has been said that the psykopla is able to direct psychic waves onto a prey to gain control of its psyche. The victim then becomes devoted to the plant and acts on its behalf in the protection of its habitat. This is, however, yet to be proved. The psykopla occurs mainly in forest and jungle regions it being slightly bigger in the latter environment.[1]


In recent years Psykopla Tea has become more popular as its use among the populous of Atys increases. It is not yet known whether this tea any noteworthy effects on the consumer.

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Fear.
  • High resistance to Acid magic.
  • Partially resistant to slash and piercing damage, as well as Shockwave and Electric magic.

Valued Resources

Psykoplas can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens


  • Level: 120
  • Type: Boss
  • Grade of Materials: Supreme
  • Location: Fleeting Garden



Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
224 Rattled Psykopla
178 Rattled Psykopla
168 Prickly Psykopla
159 Unpredictable Psykopla
149 Vile Psykopla
137 Noxious Psykopla
127 Rooting Psykopla
117 Stalking Psykopla
107 Parched Psykopla
93 Famished Psykopla
81 Dehydrated Psykopla
71 Blooming Psykopla
60 Robust Psykopla
42 Budding Psykopla
31 Minor Psykopla
20 Drowsy Psykopla
9 Sluggish Slaveni