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de:Der Besuch der Königin
en:Queen's Visit
fr:La visite de la Reine
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The Queen's Visit : A Rangers Debate

A Ranger Meeting was held prior to the visit of the Karae to the Lakelands in JY 2582. Ranger Aspirants asked Wuaoi for guidance. Their names have been changed to the order they spoke in.

First: I'm wondering if it wouldn’t be good for Rangers to join in the safety of this trip . If anything happened to the Queen, it would be a catastrophe for the peace on Atys. What do you think, Wuaoi?
Wuaoi: Let me hear what the other Aspirants have to say.
Second: I think it might be a good idea to help in securing the voyage against wild animals, bandits and other dangers of the environment. But in the case of disturbances by, for example, Marauders, nationalists, or religious extremists, we should under all circumstances avoid to interfere so our means are limited.
Third: I will not guard the Queen against other Homins. That is not my job.
Fourth: It's obvious that the Rangers cannot take part in conflict between Homins, but we may be able to protect the Queen another way. For example, having her evacuated by Flyner or another way that other Rangers could find.
Wuaoi: Flyners are notoriously unreliable. I do not think that this is the best idea you have ever had.
Fifth: Is it possible to delegate some Ranger guards to engage in combat with Marauders, in case of such an attack? Otherwise a large group of Rangers can accompany her on the dangerous journey to protect against aggressive mobs. That is – if Ranger guards are given authority to engage in combat with attacking Homins.
First: There... if something bad happens to the Queen during this trip, it will endanger the delicate balance of the Bark. Even if I don't like the idea of taking weapons against Homins, I want to protect her against the dangers she could encounter, be they animals or Marauders.
Third: Marauders are also Homins.
First: We cannot let a Homina, even if she's a Queen, face the dangers without us.
Second: "If allowed": what Fifth said when she assumed that Marauders would attack Rangers as well, in which case they should have the right to defend themselves. However, I disagree. We would be protected by the Powers from deliberate attacks, and indeed, Marauders are Homins, as are nationalist or religious extremists who also may launch acts of diversion and disturbance. Therefore, I fail to see that we have to do the work of the Royal Guard, the Royal Army, and the armed nobles, Vassals, and Federation forces.
Fifth: I agree with what Second suggests – that while Rangers never attack another Homin, they can at least defend themselves and the Queen. There is indeed a delicate balance here - both between the Trykers and the Matis and the Rangers & Marauders potentially. As we all know -- just because we are peaceful does not mean we are weak.
First: I think the same thing as my friends, we can defend ourselves. I would never attack a marauder, but I'm proposing something simple to do: make of us Rangers a Homin shield. Not attacking...but if Marauders or anything else threatens the safety of the Queen, or ours, we'll defend her. We are pacifists but we know how to fight to protect Atys.
Wuaoi: Thank you all for your thoughts. Did I not tell you that being a Ranger would be difficult?
As to my thoughts: I could not ever have designed a test or a question that more clearly showed what we must do.
The question of what we should do clearly involves all SIX of the precepts we should live by.
As always, it is not possible to satisfy them equally.
It is part of our duty to protect all Homins against the dangers of Atys. That is easy. It is especially easy if we work together. The dangers of the lands of Heretics Hovel and Loria are small in the face of groups of Homins.
I am saddened, however, that most of you seem to be assuming that there will be a Homin attack on Her Majesty.
Bandits might attack, to be sure, but we may with clear conscience defend her and ourselves from them. Still, conflict between Homins is something that has happened in the past, and with certainty will in the future as well. There are Fyros patriots who would like to see conflict between the Fyros and the Matis. There are also Marauders, who knows, possibly there is even a Tryker who still holds a grudge against the harm done by the Matis long ago.
Sixth: Aren't bandits Homins, Wuaoi?
Wuaoi: Bandits are Homins who, by their actions, have made it desirable to remove them from Atys whenever possible. They are a danger both to all civilised Homins and even to Marauders. Rangers gain favour with both Nations and Powers by hunting them down.
But to continue: The Rangers as a matter of policy do not interfere in conflict between Nations, or religions. In this circumstance, if Marauders attacked the diplomatic party, they would be acting as a Nation (much though it might distress them to think that).
However, It is most certainly to our benefit that the Queen be kept as safe as possible and therefore, because you are not Rangers yet I cannot give you actual *orders*. I can, however, strongly suggest that you accompany the party on its travels through dangerous areas and defend the Queen from dangers. If you are directly attacked you may, of course, defend yourself.

In the end, however, you must each face yourselves and consider the precept of Balance.
And with meditation upon that, consider if you approve of your own actions as a Ranger Aspirant.

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