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Creates a thorn wall around you which wounds enemies that hit you in melee combat

A canine-like creature with retractable claws, rasping tongue and five eyes which allow it to see in all kinds of light. A species of this hyperactive fast-moving omnivore used to be trained in the old lands to lick canalization pipes clean and rid them of vermin in general.

Family: Hounders, omnivore

Behavior: Aggressive

Habitat: Forest, jungle and lake

Exceptional specimen(s): toler

Sociability: Moderate group instinct, compelling it run to the defense of certain species of carnivores when in danger

Speed of movement: Fast

Natural armor: Low protection against piercing blows

Magical protections: High protection against rot attacks; moderate protection against cold attacks

Magical immunities: Immune against sleep attacks

Type of attack: Melee (slashing)

Special attack: Slashing strike (slashes out at the victim's head using its forelegs)

Valued resources: Bone (Shaft, Ammo bullet), Leather (Barrel, Armor Shell), Claw (Blade, Point), Fang (Explosives, Stuffing), Ligament (Firing Pin, Armor Clip), Meat, Skull, Blood, Hairs

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