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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Jungle, Forest and Lakes
Attack type Slash

A canine-like creature with retractable claws, rasping tongue and five eyes which allow it to see in all kinds of light. A species of this hyperactive fast-moving omnivore used to be trained in the old lands to lick canalization pipes clean and rid them of vermin in general. These omnivores of the hounder family can be found in forest, jungle and lake land regions. [1]

Main Details

  • Natural immunity to Sleep.
  • Moderately resistant to Rot magic.
  • Partially resistant to Cold magic and piercing damage.

Valued Resources

Ragus, when killed, can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens

Death Ragus

  • Level: 160
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Choice
  • Location: Fount

Demolisher Ragus

  • Level: 110
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Choice
  • Location: Maiden Grove




  • Level: 210
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Excellent
  • Location: Enchanted Isle

Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
241 Great Ragus
153 Prowling Ragus
142 Hunting Ragus
132 Marauding Ragus
121 Roaring Ragus
101 Menacing Ragus
90 Dangerous Ragus
79 Malicious Ragus
68 Scary Ragus
52 Baying Ragus
40 Scowling Ragus
30 Growling Ragus
19 Puny Ragus
17 Vigorous Ragus
11 Weeny Ragus