Rangers Assembly of Nivia 28, CA2 of Jena year 2603

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de:Rangers Versammlung von Nivia 28, CA2, Jena Jahr 2603
en:Rangers Assembly of Nivia 28, CA2 of Jena year 2603
es:Asamblea de Rangers de Nivia 28, CA2 en el año de Jena 2603
fr:Assemblée des Rangers du Nivia 28, CA2 de l’année de Jena 2603
ru:Собрание рейнджеров, Нивии 28, CA2 в год Йены 2603.
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2019-08-25)

Do’ro Thée gathers her sheets and the notes that CraftJenn kindly gave her. She carefully stores the pictures for the Great Library. Thanks to the Great Glouglou , the report will be complete, she thinks. A light but still fresh breeze reminds her that winter is not that far away, as she looks at the blossoming buds. Emotion invaded her as she thought of Wuaoi's unexpected retirement and Teeneemai's disappearance... she too was a real Ranger. A tear blurs her make-up and falls on the page.... She will really have to go to Silan more often....

She starts writing:

Minutes of the Nivia Rangers Assembly 28, 2nd AC of the year of Jena 2603[1][2]
Were present (in alphabetical order):
Achnar, Apocamus Dradius, Ashgan, Atysa, Azazor, Bitttymacod, Byiet, Craftjenn, Djiper, Do’ro Thee, Eleanide, Eolinius, Jyrvie, Kaissia, Karagoz, Kiwalie, Krill, Krinseus, Kyriann, Laisuki, Meggy, Meubli, Moniq, Nilstilar, Ornella, Sich, Tryroamer, Ubhal, Wixarika, Wuaoi Yai-Zhio, Yaandor, Yki, Zorroargh.

She wonders why there is no Avian in Almati, she should have stayed in Crystabell and written on the beach... In the distance a Kincher roars...

Wuaoi Yai-Zhio announces: To all Rangers, aspiring Rangers and interested homins. Our meeting at Ranger Circle in Almati Wood begins immediately.
Meggy (in the distance): I'm comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!
Bitttymacod: To all Rangers, aspiring Rangers and interested homins. Our meeting at Ranger Circle in Almati Wood begins immediately.
Sorry Wuaoi I was relaying your message... ( he blushed) I meant: I was trying
Crafjenn : The report will be available in a few days....
Apocamus Dradius comes out of the tower, walks forward and greets respectfully.
The Rangers present responded to his greeting warmly.
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: Come and sit by the fire by my side.
Apocamus Dradius : Thank you Wuaoi
Tryroamer calls: I'm at Almati Wood now, no one at camp?
Meggy: We're at the Ranger circle, not far from the Kami transporter.
Tryroamer: strange
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: Welcome Rangers, and to our visitors too!
Azazor nods his head
Craftjenn winks at Azazor.
Byiet: hello! How are you? (she greets all those present, who answer her)
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: I asked you to come because I have an important announcement to make.
Kiwalie swallows her cookie quickly and opens her ears wide
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: My mind has been troubled for some time, and I asked to withdraw for a moment, so I could meditate on this.
Jyrvie: Oh!
Meggy and Kiwalie are worried about Wuaoi....
Wuaoi: Let me reassure you, my physical health is good, but I have seen omens as I meditated on the Precepts
Wuaoi rolls his amber cube. This one stops on the Diligence side
Wuaoi: Diligence. Ensure that the work is done
Wuaoi: My job was to train you and make you Rangers.
That's what I did, as best I could.
Yki is looking for her ranger badge
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: Veteran Ranger Apocamus Dradius will supervise your actions from now on
Eolinius arrives (exchange of greetings)
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio bows to the assembled Rangers and sits down.
Wuaoi: Apocamus, please stand up and greet your Rangers
Apocamus: Greetings, Rangers. I am Apocamus Dradius. Grandson of Orphie Dradius
Apocamus Dradius bows respectfully
(Greetings from the meeting)
Kyriann sits quietly
Apocamus: Thank you Wuaoi. I was called back to take Wuaoi's place. I can never replace him, but I'll do my best.
Azazor (whispering to Wixarika): your hair grows fast
Apocamus: As a veteran ranger, my task is to observe and supervise the new Rangers
Zo'Ro Argh (sitting down): Woren Siloy (Hi, Rangers) :)
Kiwalie smiles as she thinks of Orphie and the TENANT treaty
Apocamus (grateful to Wuaoi): I will preside over the Rangers assemblies from now on. Thanks again to Wuaoi, for his long work and the passion he has put at the service of the Rangers
Meggy smiles at Nilstilar
Kiwalie approaches Wauoi, fills her bag with cookies and makes her a big kisu: thank you for all Wuaoi
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio (whispers to Apocamus in a low voice): begins with the Oservators' reports.
Apocamus: We will start with the observers
Do'ro Thee thinks that the Rangers are quite dissipated tonight and should listen better.
Apocamus: We will start with the Forest. Zorroargh, is there anything to report?
Kiwalie shakes Zo', Craftjenn elbows him.
Azazor screams: CAL I SELAK!!!!!
Nilstilar: Hello! How are you doing? How are you?
Azazor: if he's not awake with this....
Eolinius laughs
Kiwalie screams: Kwkkwww Azazor!
Achnar gives a big sledgehammer blow on Zo'Ro's foot
Wuaoi is surprised and looks for the source of this disorder
Byiet: There's slow, and then there's slower, and now there's
Apocamus: Does anyone else have anything to report?
Kiwalie: Sorry but Zo' seems to be sleeping....as far as the forest is concerned, they are victims of Kitins invasions too
Byiet: I think that means no… Can we continue, please?
Kiwalie: We destroyed a mound at the hidden source and I found another one at the psykopla mound
Nilstilar nods
Kiwalie: Nilstilar who is here could give us more news I think
Nilstilar: ... and another near the Fugitive Garden?
Azazor raises his hand
Nilstilar smiles
Eolinius raises his hand
(Arrival of Laisuki, exchange of greetings)
Azazor: I found one near Pyr, a little to the west.
Kiwalie smiles at Azazor: I'm going to come to that
Krill wonders if Pyr is in the Forest, and since when
Apocamus: Anything to report, Nilstilar?
Azazor (obviously upset): Yeah, the forest first, huh? Pffffffff
Do'ro Thée stops writing and smiles as he thinks of Djiper and his awesome "pfffffffffff"s.
Nilstilar (responding to Krill): Not yet, but soon perhaps, An-Nair
I'm kidding, of course.
Byiet: There were 4 Kitin invasions, one in each nation. They were very short and each was eliminated in a single evening
Apocamus: Anything to report in the Lakes?
Jyrvie: Lordoy, there was an assembly in the lakes. They want to organize a kind of market to provide equipment for new recruits from Silan
Eolinius thinks that the speech is a little bit disjointed
Wuaoi takes a deep and noisy breath, head bent over
Byiet: That's not necessary. Silan's missions provide everything that is necessary
Jyrvie looks at Byiet: I'm just reporting it
Nislitar: What is necessary is not what is asked
Jyrvie: And they have a new leader for their Federal Army, Lunakan
Apocamus: Thank you for the Jyrvie report
Kyriann raises her hand.
Apocamus: Kyriann, yes?
Jyrvie: And they have a new leader for their Federal Army, Lunakan
Kyriann waits until Jyrvie has finished talking
Jyrvie: And the Kitin invasions, you already know.
(she greets Apocamus)
Kyriann: Nair Apocamus Dradius I just want to say a word about the market. Those who have left Silan for some time but have not yet joined a guild and who are struggling to find good quality equipment, between quality 50 and 110. We will respect very reasonable prices.
(Kyriann sits down again)
Apocamus: Thank you Kyriann for your comments
Are there any other reports about lakes?
Apocamus: A report to do for the Jungle?
Azazor grumbles a little
Karagoz raises her hand
Apocamus: Karagoz, you have the floor
Karagoz: I must say, Rangers, that many events have occurred that are worth reporting to this assembly
Achnar (in a low voice): Did you see anything, Djiper?
Karagoz: But my memory is lacking, and also I could have brought more diligence to my duties. I would especially like to mention the Assembly of Circles in Zora, the first in a long time
Wuaoi raises his head to the mention of the Circles
Karagoz: I did not attend the meeting, but I understand that it was important. I give my place to anyone who was there and who could give details about this meeting or who would have other information than the one I have at the moment. That's all, thank you. (She greets)
Apocamus: Thank you Kazagoz for this report; anything else about the jungle?
We must also talk about the Desert. Anything to report there?
Azazor is looking for eyes to represent the representative of the desert ranger
Apocamus: Kiwalie, you are the Desert Observer. Do you have anything to report?
Azazor raises his hand
Azazor lowered his hand while waiting, because well, the cramps....
Kiwalie: The materials for Thesos' wall have been gathered! Good news, now it still has to be built
Ubhal looks at the legionnaire
Kiwalie: hoping it will be useful against the Kitins....
Apocamus: One moment, Azazor
Nilstilar has difficulty holding his laughter back
Kiwalie: The kitins attacked near Pyr, the mound was destroyed but we need to understand where they came from.
Ubhal looks at Matis Ambassador
Kiwalie: Azazor who is present will also be able to tell us about it
Kiwalie (turning his foot in sawdust): Can I ask you a question Apocamus?
Eleanide poses discreetly, greeting her knowledge with head
Apocamus: Of course Kiwalie
Achnar: Apoc' it suits him very well! we have nicknames also in the rangers
Meggy laughs loudly
Kiwalie smiles: how is your grandmother? Orphie, a long-time friend I miss very much.
Azazor grumbles: So I come after the grandmother.....
Ubhal laughs
Apocamus: She's fine, even though I don't see her often.... She's very busy with her homework.
Kiwalie: It's good to know she's healthy, thank you Apocamus!
Apocamus: You're welcome, Kiwalie. Thank you for your report 2
Kiwalie: I'll let Azazor speak to us about the desert in more detail.
Azazor growls a little bit but gets up
Eleanide smiles
Azazor: Kiwalie has already told you about the mound near pyr, to the west to be precise.
Apocamus: Azazor, do you want to report back to us?
Ubhal is blocking his ears in anticipation of screams
Azazor: But I have one question above all. Have you thought about making a map of the appearance of these mounds?
Byiet: I would like to talk about
Azazor: It should also include the moments when they occurred. Or at least a niche. Maybe even the season? It seems that kitins are less active in winter. Could this be a way to check?
Azazor sits down again
Apocamus: Not yet Azazor, but it's a good idea. Do you want to take care of this card? Or another volunteer ranger perhaps? It should cover all nations.
Azazor: I think that's your job. but I can help bring back the mounds found
Kiwalie: I have noted the regions of the mounds but I confess...not the seasons
Apocamus: After these reports, we will see if we need to replace or appoint new Observers
Azazor: only regions? not specific locations?
Kiwalie (laughing): It's sometimes difficult to write down the exact locations when the Kitins are trying to kill us (giggles)
Arrival of Ornella: good evening to all!
Apocamus: Do the current Observers wish to continue?
Meggy raises her hand
Apocamus: Meggy, did you want to say something?
Meggy: Yes, I wanted to speak for Karagoz. She had to leave.
Apocamus: Does Karagoz want to continue to be an Observer?
Meggy: She asked me to tell you that she would be happy to keep her job as an observer. However, she was a little busy with tasks outside the rangers. Yes, if someone wants to take over this job, she'll let him take over. She will understand the decision whatever it is. That's all.
Dorothee raises her hand
Apocamus: Thank you Meggy
Meggy: Of course. I will forward to him the decision that will be taken today
Apocamus: Anyone want to help Karagoz observe the Jungle?
Meggy smiles,
Zorroargh is grateful to Wuaoi.
Apocamus: Dorothee, do you want to say something?
Azazor discreetly slips away
Nilstilar (low): He's back!
Zorroargh greets Apocamus with respect.
Dorothee: First of all, I apologize for beeing late.
Then I have two reports to make:
Wuaoi notices that his friend Zo'ro is awake again.
Jyrvie screams: Ouch!.... Ouch!
Kyriann gets up and asks: What?
(astonished, her eyes turn to Jyrvie)
Kyriann sits down because Jyrvie seems to be fine.
Dorothee: The great Azazor Eridan Mirihus invited me to talk to the Bai Nhori Drakani about the Oflovak road.
Eolinius rubs his eyes and doesn't understand much.
Jyrvie: (sorry a macro sting)
Dorothee wonders what kind of insect is a macro to sting so hard, she continues: They have many questions about the road itself, the signs Oflovak may have left behind, his safety, and I think, above all, his access to other homins than the Rangers.
Zendae turning to Nilstilar: the... “great” Azazor?
Dorothee: They have a lot of questions about the road itself, the signs Oflovak might have left behind, his safety, and I think above all, his access to other homins than the Rangers
I gave the answers I had, so not necessarily much, except that the kitins are still going through it and the refugees are not safe there
Nilstilar (quietly, to Zendae): great mouth I suppose (smiling)
Zendae replies: for on, di amataki
Dorothee: The second report I would like to present is a request from Belami (New Rangers) with my support. He proposes that we organize a large caravan, to support the Fyros people especially in summer, as has been done in the past. I've already worked on the idea, and asked for some help. I had some with the Trykers, but I can't yet offer you a choice of realistic solutions
Nilstilar (low, to Zendae): A caravan of byrh, I think (Dorothee smiles)
Dorothee: I will do it as soon as I mowed my stingas short enough
Ubhal raises his hand
Apocamus: Such caravans are the Trykers' responsibility, but the Rangers can help. It would be bad for our neutrality to organize this
Dorothee: I tried to keep it short. Thank you for listening to me.
Apocamus: Ubhal, you have the floor.
Ubhal grateful to the campfire
Ubhal: Are we talking here about providing substential aid to a nation?
Dorothee: I don't see how that would break our Neutrality... Our guide has his hall in Thesos and would also benefit from such a caravan
Ubhal: In the past I have solicited this assistance from the Rangers. I was told that rangers were not involved in the struggle between nations
Wuaoi snores softly, rocked by the voices that debate.
Dorothee: The help would be for all the inhabitants of the Desert, not just the Fyros Empire
Ubhal: Apart from that, my information shows that the construction of the wall could be a case of war with the Matis kingdom. The participation of the Rangers as Rangers could be interpreted as favoritism towards the Fyros Empire and against the Matis Kingdom! Is that what we want?
Kiwalie laughs: if the Matis want to invade the desert it's not a wall that will stop them, they just have to go through the root bonuses
Ubhal: after what each Ranger will do as an individual, looks at him. I'm done.
Ubhal greet Apocamus respectfully.
Eolinius scratches his head looking at Kiwalie: hmm, Azazor said exactly the same thing
Kiwalie : Ubhal, I have always accompanied the convoys on the water and beer road, not to hit homins but to protect the precious cargo from aggressive animals
Ubhal: the wall can be the pretext, it seems to me that the Matis have a plan for the wall...
Craftjenn raises her hand
Kiwalie: I'm not an ambassador to the matis, I'm just an ambassador to the fyros
Zendae raises her hand
Apoc : Thank you Ubhal
Apocamus: Craftjenn, you're up.
Craftjenn: Helping young people, helping them to have armor to their size, helping them for a trek help them find their way, all this is, in my opinion, part of the Rangers' work. The Kitine threat is there, to stay united in the long term, you have to take care of the young people. The kitin threat is still there. To remain united in the future, we have to take care of the youngsters. This delivery helps young people to see the country, to open their minds. That's why I like to participate in these convoys. Thank you.
Apocamus: Thank you Craftjenn.
Zendae? Did you want to say something?
Zendae: sil naete
Tryroamer raises its hand
Zendae: I will speak as a Matis ambassador to the Rangers di amataki
Ubhal listens and smiles as he looks at Zendae
Zendae: I wish to refute any accusation that the Kingdom has a plan for the fyros wall south of Thesos
Achnar: What is your Zendae plan to replace it?
Ubhal looks at the master of arms
Zendae (looking at Achnar): I also don't have a personal plan on this subject. I think this wall is useless di amatakizo.
Next topic. There is no problem if you are accompanying a Water Route. But as your instructor said, don't you dare organize it di amaulca. I'm giving the floor back. Thank you.
Apocamus: Thank you Zendae
Achnar: We need help and any assistance from any nation is welcome
Apoc. Tryroamer, did you want to add something?
Tryroamer (Salutes Apocamus and bows deeply): I have confidence in what most, if not all, Rangers know better than I do the origins of the history of the Rangers. The most impressive in the training was the assistance provided to fleeing refugees in their efforts to reach the New Land alive.
Apocamus encourages Tryroamer, who thanks him.
Tryroamer is grateful
Ubhal smiles
Tryroamer: Finally, I, in particular, became a Ranger because of the influence of this altruistic and self-assigned mission and I hoped to see it continue with the objective and identification of the Rangers as a faction. To help refugees, Silan's arrivals but also those who return after a long absence. That's what became my personal motivation as a Ranger
(Approvals and nods with heads nodding in the assembly)
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio breathes regularly and calmly, not quite snoring.
Tryroamer: I hope that such assistance will not be reduced by these considerations of impartiality. I hope that we Rangers will be able to continue to help refugees in particular. And I thought I understood correctly that this was the reason why in particular we were going through the Roots Rewards that would otherwise make these trips difficult or even impossible; even if they are necessary for the refugees to get by on Atys. I hope I didn't hurt anyone with my opinions. Please excuse me if I ever hurt you. Thank you for listening to me.
A small breeze blows around Wuaoi
Ubhal agrees with Tryroamer, Eolinius applauds vigorously
Apocamus: Thank you for those kind words, Tryroamer
Kiwalie: Beautiful Tryroamer speech! It feels good to hear the word of a Ranger of hearts
Achnar throws an ace of spades
Nilstilar (very low): The value does not wait for the number of years...
Apocamus: Wuaoi, sorry to bother you, but we need your attention please.
Wuaoi shivers with a fresh breeze and raises his head
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: Yes? I listened. (he gets up and stretches).
Apocamus: There is one last announcement to make
Apocamus: I was hoping you could help me
Wauoi: Oh yes, about the Library It is very humbly that I announce that a small collection has been published and deposited in the Great Library [3]. It brings together some of my speeches on the Ranger's Way.
I am also proud to say that more volumes on the Rangers will soon join it.[4]
And finally. Thank you all, Rangers, who have traveled with me on this path. I will leave, but I know you will continue to represent the Rangers with all your heart. I wish you a safe journey.
Kiwalie throws cookies at Wuaoi Yai-Zhio while the assembly shows its appreciation and applause to Wuaoi.
Wuaoi: Apocamus, they're all yours now.
Kaissia (shed a tear): Have a good trip Wuaoi........
Apocamus: Thank you Wuaoi, I will take care of them
Applause and congratulations as Dorothee takes some Lucios from Wuaoi, and Apocamus who kindly take the pose.
Apocamus: We are nearing the end of this assembly
Moniq raises her hand
Apocamus: Yes Moniq?
Moniq: Since we're done with the meeting, I have a few questions if I can.
Apocamus: Go ahead
Moniq: I noticed some strange changes in the paths. I am curious: why do animals ignore me when I am near an exit and also, who provides the resurrection at these same exits? Does anyone know what this is about?
Jyrvie: The animals ignore you when you're still in the tunnels. They don't notice you.
Moniq : They ignore me while I am at the entrance to the tunnel, even if it is not yet open.
Dorothee: Just like in every teleporter zone
Moniq: I don't understand that, Dorothee. Have you studied it more closely?
Craftjenn: I perceive the passages more like vortices
Moniq: I have also heard many rumours, but it seems that no one knows anything.
Byiet: As a ranger, is the safe area larger than for any other homin?
Dorothee: Around each teleporter and vortex there is a safe area. It remains safe unless you enter the field of vision of an aggressive monster
Moniq: That's not an answer. How is it possible to have safe areas, as you call them?
Meggy: I think what Moniq is asking for is who is providing protection?
Moniq: Yes, I don't understand why the passages work differently than they did in the past
Meggy: Near a Kami or Karavan teleporter, everyone has their own protectors, but who protect the Rangers?
Bittty: Maybe Atys herself? I have often thought that our world is much more alive than we thought.
Moniq: Go ahead, Tryroamer, talk if you have any information
Apocamus: Tryroamer, go ahead
Achnar: ( no, it's too late, we sleep: D)
Tryroamer: I listened to your discussion and thought a lot about it. If I may, I would like to share my thoughts with this assembly
Tryro: I'll keep it short
There are other phenomena of a similar nature. I think it is possible that this is the case here. The ranger passage is like a black hole, it seems to me.
Jyrvie: It's true that you can't see well in the passages
Tryro: And its network has an even stronger effect when you are in the immediate vicinity
Tryro: My feeling is that animals feel it and prefer not to interfere with it. They stay away for their safety when they don't need to get close to it. Thank you for listening to me.
Dorothee: Wuaoi is a specialist in magnetism, you should ask him for more details
Dorothee: Moniq, the safe areas of vortices and TPs are safe because the atoms in your body enter into hyper-fast vibration and remain so until you move. So the monsters can't see you. This affects homins only because the frequency of magnetic pathways is tuned to homin DNA
Apocamus: Thank you Tryroamer
Apocamus: It is time for me to leave you...
Moniq: Dorothee talks about teleporters and Vortices... this would only apply if the paths were some kind of vortex.
Dorothee: That's what I think right now.
Moniq: That's one of the theories I've heard
Apocamus: ((((HRP: Next meeting will take place in 2 or 3 months))
Achnar: We'll ask Wuaoi for more explanation
Moniq: I hadn't had the opportunity to ask the question for a very long time
Apocamus: Perhaps you will know more at the next meeting?
Moniq : I'd like to know where to look, everyone has only speculation to offer.
Dorothee: I also think that the Kamis and Karavan made similar discoveries a long time ago, and that their TPs are different ways of controlling ambient and deep magnetism
Moniq: Yes, I heard that.
Zendae: If I may... vortices are not always resurrection points, think of those in lakes.
Moniq: Good point
Zendae: It seems there is a rule, have you noticed it di amatakima?
Achnar: I think you can leave Apoc'
Byiet: Can you give up the idea of magnetism, this world has no metal for
Moniq: Byiet, So what do magical cartographers do?
Dorothee: The magnetism on Atys has nothing to do with metal, but with amber.
Apocamus Dradius: Good night, Rangers. (he respectfully greets)
The present: Good night, Apocamus…

Do'Ro drops down her yber pen. Wuaoi looked really tired. Apocamus is quite attractive for a Fyros... and full of energy... a little too much maybe...

She thinks about the water caravan (with byrrh why not ? so she would be sure Krill would come). She will have to remind Apocamus and Ubhal of these words of Wuaoi that she had the chance to read while correcting the proofs. :

neutrality means that we do not favour one nation over another. It is not inaction, but equivalent actions. We also supported the Beer and Water Routes between Trykers and Fyros, and assisted the Zorai in their fight against the Goo. If the Fyros needed help with a noble task, we would offer it to them as well.

— Wuaoi Yai-Zhio, The Way of the Ranger, Chapter 4

She will also have to put her observations on tunnels, vortices and teleporters as well as collisions in order and discuss them with our researcher Zo'

A rain drop falls on her cheek. The sun is setting... It is time to go to the tower where she will spend the night before going back to Liberty Lake after submitting its report.

This work is dedicated to Teeneemai and Wuaoi Yai-Zhio.

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  2. Translations : Krill • Additional translations : Do’Ro Thée
  3. OOC: in the wiki
  4. OOC: The wiki will soon be augmented by a real Rangers' Lore.