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Main Ecosystem(s) Forest
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The rosae Matia (or fragaria) is an upright shrub, rather low, generally 40 to 120 cm, half herbaceous, which tends to spread by suckering (offshoot emerging on the root) very common on Matis and Zorai Lands. The leaves are shiny, whole with a smooth border, and heart-shaped: the tip is sharp and the base is heart-shaped. They are very slightly ribbed except for the median rib, along which they appear almost folded in half. The lower leaves are opposite while the upper ones are alternately disposed on either side and at different levels of the stem, to which a short petiole connects them. The starry flowers, with 6 rounded petals, are very fragrant, fragile and sessile: directly fixed on the stem, without peduncle. Each shoot has 3 to 6 axillary flowers arranged in ears, isolated, from 2 to 4 cm in diameter and creamy-white or pinky or, more rarely, pale blue in colour. The soft green foliage turns orange-yellow during the fall.