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The Hand Book version 0.1β

Joining the Test team [1]

Includes basic information about joining the Testing Team, and prepare yourself as well as your computer to Test Ryzom.

External team tools [2]

This chapter describes the various tools available to the members, for an efficient collaborative work: communication tools, project management tools, document sharing and archiving tools...

Setting up connection to non-public Ryzom servers [3]

This chapter describes how to prepare your computer for Ryzom testing: Platform files paths, configuration files tips and tricks, various servers.

On a testing server [4]

Finally, you will learn here about the specific tools developed for testing and how to use them, get additional information about serversand some additional software.

—— Beta Version ——
Last version 2019-10-03•

The Hand Book contents

1 Joining the Test team
1.1 Apply to join
1.2 Get familiar with team tools
1.3 Configure Ryzom clients
1.4 Prepare for testing
1.5 Learn some theory of testing
2 External team tools
2.1 General information
2.1.1 Ryzom chat (RC)
2.1.2 KanBoard (KB)
2.1.3 Ryzom cloud (Cloud)
2.1.4 Ryzom Wiki
2.1.5 Server status
2.2 As a member of the Testing team
2.2.1 Ryzom chat (RC)
2.2.2 KanBoard (KB)
2.2.3 Ryzom cloud (Cloud)
3 Setting up connection to non-public Ryzom servers
3.1 Yubo and Gingo (and Atys)
3.2 Combinations
3.2.1 Using Steam Running the client with Steam
3.2.2 Using App Store
3.2.3 Using Ryzom Installer
3.2.4 Using Ryzom Installer with GUI New profiles and separated clients Atys BETA client files Atys BETA options Running the client
3.2.5 Manual installation with Ryzom Installer Client files Server connection Profile configuration Special client option Yubo client configuration Gingo client configuration Atys BETA client configuration Running the client
3.2.6 Static client Client files Special client option Gingo client configuration Atys BETA client configuration Running the client
3.3 Closing tips
4 On a testing server
4.1 Account characters
4.2 First time on server
4.3 In-game tools
4.3.1 Command Toolbar
4.3.2 Inky's tool
4.3.3 Teleport interface
4.4 GM island
4.4.1 Red Box
4.4.2 Debug Pumpkin
4.4.3 Cult giver NPC
4.5 Help yourself
4.6 Game mastering
4.6.1 Server privileges
4.6.2 Useful information and tools Shard Commands Skill decoding Ryzom API wiki In-game browser Ballistic Mystix map builder Ryzom message coloring tool Ryzom name generator Items list Blablator API

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