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{{RaceInfoBox|image=TrykerBox_1.png|description=Children of the Wind|faction=[[Karavan]]|locale=[[Aeden_Aqueous|Lakelands]]|city=Fairhaven|trait=Mischievous}}
{{RaceInfoBox|image=TrykerBox_1.png|description=Children of the Wind|faction=[[Karavan]]|locale=[[Aeden_Aqueous|Lakelands]]|city=[[Fairhaven]]|trait=Mischievous}}
==<font color="#0066cc">Overview</font>==
==<font color="#0066cc">Overview</font>==

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Children of the Wind
Faction: Karavan
Locale: Lakelands
Capital City: Fairhaven
Form of Government: {{{gov}}}
Trait: Mischievous


Shorter of stature then other Homin races, The Tryker have retained their flighty and carefree nature despite the events of the past. Excellent explorers and inventors, as well as experts in wind technology, the Tryker have built their new civilization in marvelous floating cities of the lakelands, dreaming of a world without the burdens of tyranny or intolerance.

In their penchant for conservationism, the Tryker have also developed the technique of water purification, and they continue to look on water not only for its biological value, but seek to use it for energetic ends.


Unique Abilities

Unique Craft