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Amber of Homin civilization
Tryker emblem.png
Children of the Wind
Continent Lakelands
Capital Fairhaven
Politic Federation
Governor Ailan Mac'Kean
Assembly Taliari Assembly representatives of Talalochi are invited in an advisory capacity.
Agora People's Assembly
Trait Mischievous
TrykerBox 1.png
Kami Variable
Karavan Variable
Fyros Suspicious
Matis Friend
Trykers Taliari (brothers and companions)
Zoraïs Foe
Marauders Foe
Rangers Friend
Trytonists Suspicious

The region Liberty Lake consists of a myriad of lakes and lagoons situated on the continent of Aeden Aqueous. This was the first lake district Trykers came upon after two years of underground confinement in the Prime Roots. The name was given by Tryker sages not only to reflect the general sensation of new liberation, but also as a constant reminder to all those who would dare harbor thoughts that would infringe on the Tryker fundamental values of freedom for all and all for freedom. Superstitions Trykers believe to this day that the mere evocation of the name in the mouth of a potential aggressor would distance any intention of suppression.


A first new settlement was naturally outlinde in the paradisical lands and arose to become the new aptly named Tryker capital of Fairhaven. Three villages, whose names are equally reminiscent of Tryker values, also flourish in the region. Crystabell, where crystalline waters flow; Windermeer, known for its windy tops and wind turbines; and Avendale, seated in the beautiful valley east of the capital. Liberty Lake also shelters as many as six outposts including Darkmoor Border Post, Dainty Isle Workshop, Sandy Workshop, Farely Farm, Greenvale Trade Post and Windermeer Farm. They are generally occupied by the Corsairs, the only tribe in the region.

Being the first area of the Lake Lands to be explored by Trykers, Liberty Lake is consequently the safest of the continent where the young Tryker novice is able to lean the ropes and get to grips with improving skills. But the region is not devoid of danger and the traveler may come across many potentially lethal wild creatures such as the Goari, Clopper, Yubo, Yber and the Messab. The only Kitin found in the area is the Kipee, harmless if unprovoked and providing useful raw materials if hunted. The Stinga plant is the region's only native intelligent plant.

Altars of the venerated Karavan will be found inside the captial of Fairhaven and situated at the entrances of the villages. The Kami have an altar established at a distance outside the capital.


Shorter of stature then other Homin races, The Tryker have retained their flighty and carefree nature despite the events of the past. Excellent explorers and inventors, as well as experts in wind technology, the Tryker have built their new civilization in marvelous floating cities of the lakelands, dreaming of a world without the burdens of tyranny or intolerance.

In their penchant for conservationism, the Tryker have also developed the technique of water purification, and they continue to look on water not only for its biological value, but seek to use it for energetic ends.


The Trykers, probably the greatest seafarers of the ancient world, lived in floating villages in the lake lands known as Trykoth. Their principle cities, all ports, included Jeniah and Breneth. They formed a myriad of tribes, with each tribe being headed by a counsel whose duty it was to settle disputes and keep the peace. But their peaceful and idyllic existence became blighted when a great fire, known as the Fire of Coriolis, spread across Atys wastelands to the north so cutting off the water route between desert and lake lands as well as their Fyros protectors. Taking advantage of the calamity in the north to break the Fyro-Tryker alliance, the Matis king, Aniro III, led a lightening campaign to the south invading lake lands and easily reducing surviving Trykers to slavery. But an organized fellowship of rebels led by Loria broke away taking refuge in the depths of Atys.

Travelling from the Canopy to the Prime Roots, these Tryker heroes strove to shatter the shackles binding their brothers and led them across the Bark of Atys braving the worst of dangers. At the same time, realizing that without water supplies from the lake lands his empire would crumble, the then aged Abylus the Learned, launched an all out attack on the Matis front in an attempt to re-establish the water route running through Matis territory to the Lake Lands. Matis forces thus engaged in all out warfare were unable to quell the revolt led by the Company of Loria who led their people back to the Lake Lands. Loria masterly divided her people into combat groups, each one led by a member of the Company to exert repeated alternating attacks along the southern front so creating havoc and relieving flagging Fyros forces in the north and west. Faced with Fyros-Tryker pressure, Aniro III eventually took the decision to retreat back to his former dominions rather than risk losing them completely.

The water route was open again and, wiser after the battle, the Trykers further developed their newfound guerilla skills in case of future attack. And indeed, barely two generations later the Matis, taking advantage of a swarming of kitins in the desert regions which decimated Fyros populations, again turned their eyes to the west and south. However, the Trykers were saved from ever feeling the full force of the Matis. Indeed, it was a far greater force that swept the Trykers from their ancient lands. Kitin onslaughts progressed into Matis territory from the north literally devouring Matis battalions from behind before moving into Tryker lake lands and eradicating all traces of hominkind.

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The Tryker have made their home in the Lakelands regions of Aeden Aqueous, building their capital city of Fairhaven as well as their towns of Windermeer, Crystabell and Avendale in the tranquil waters of Liberty Lake. All of their villages float in the water, providing ample shelter in the event of kitin attacks. The magical archipelago of the Lakelands is an enchanting region offering an ever changing visage with white beaches, spectacular waterfalls, and cliffs whose shapes leave much to the imagination.

Unique Abilities

Tryker are the masters of the wind and the many windmills in Aeden Aqueous stand as a testament to this.

They are the only race to make Waving Weapons and teach the Shockwave elemental spell.

Also excellent inventors and explorers, they are the only race to teach the Water-Carrier and Larvester occupations.


Tryker society is governed by the Taliari council and by the Governor. The current ruler is Ailan Mac'Kean.

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Previous Governors


The language of the Tryker is known as Tryker Tyll.

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Principles & Traditions

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To be a true Tryker, you gotta live by the virtues of freedom, equality and sharing:

Consider all homins responsible and free of their acts. Any homin violating the freedom of another will be in breach of the Homin Rights Act, which as it happens, was first drawn up by the Tryker Council.

Every homin has an equal right to walk the land, to obtain instruction, to harvest the natural resources, to choose their own destiny, as long as they don’t encroach on other homin rights.

We believe that our force lies in our solidarity and that solidarity is borne from sharing. If we could persuade all Jena’s children to be like us Trykers the world would be a safer place!

Being a Tryker

You’re a young homin refugee. You’ve done well in taking the long and dangerous road from the old lands to join us here where we’ve set up our new home. Once you’ve got some training behind you, you’ll be able to show us what you’re made of and help us build up our federation of Tryker peoples.

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