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de:Benutzerhandbuch/Gemeinsame Akronyme and Abkürzungen
en:User Manual/Common Acronyms and Abbreviations
fr:Manuel de l'utilisateur/Acronymes usuels et abréviations
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2021-02-08)

Short Signification
:) happy
:( sad
1h 1-handed weapon
2h 2-handed weapon
afaik as far as I know
amp Magic Amplifier
AoI Abyss of Ichor (PR)
aggro aggressive monsters or beasts
apt apartment
brain psykopia
brb be right back
cat experience catalyzer
ch choice
con constitution
cp care planning
CSR Customer Support Rep (GM)
cya see you later
dp death penalty
EF Elusive Forest (PR)
ele elemental magic level
ex excellent
FH Fairhaven
GH Guild Hall
GL Guild Leader
GM Game Master (Support)
GoO Gate of Obscurity (PR)
gtg I've got to go now
gz gratz, Congratulations
ha heavy armor
HO High Officer (of a guild)
hp hit points
hq high quality
kk okie dokie , OK
ka kick-ass
KoD Knoll of Dissent
la light armor
LoC Lands of Continuity (PR)
lol laugh out loud
LoU Lands of Umbra (PR)
lvl skill level
ma medium armor
mat material
ML Mainland, used mostly on Silan
mob monster or beast
NH Transporters to New Horizons
noob new player, clueless
NM Nexus Minor
np no problem
NPC Nonplayer (game) Character
nvm never mind
OO Oflovaks Oasis
omw on my way
op outpost
plods ploderos
plz please
PR Prime Roots
q quality as in q50 or q200
rez resurrect
stam stamina
SN SuperNodes (for dig)
sup supreme
tank fighter that confronts the MOB
ToT Trench of Trials (PR)
tp teleport
trek run around Atys to purchase teleport pacts
US Underspring (PR)
WL Wastelands (PR)
xD Laugh out Loud
xp experience points
Yrk Yrkranis
Zzzz sleeping