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{{Infobox Outpost
|image   = West_blackburn.jpg
|location = [[Oflovak's Oasis]], [[Burning Desert]]
|owner=Legion of Atys
|maplink  = http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=map;keywords;West%20Blackburn%20Border%20Post
|region=[[Oflovak's Oasis]]  
|quality  = 100
|mat=Greslin Filament
|mat     = Greslin Filament
|flower   = Balance
|owner    = Legion of Atys

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West Blackburn Border Post
West blackburn.jpg
Region Oflovak's Oasis
Mat. Greslin Filament
Flower Balance
Qualité 100


Constructed atop a nexus situated at the border of the Burnt Forest, this outpost was used to keep a constant surveillance over the forest's inferno to avoid them spreading into the oasis region. The soldiers of the empire considered it an honor to be posted to the Western Front.