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Wheel of fortune Prizes

en:Wheel of fortune/prizes
fr:Roue de la Fortune/Gains

Prizes found in bags

Exchangeable objects

The basics

The crystals of elevation q200, fireworks, flowers (wisdom, concentration, stamina,...), generic MP from Q100 to Q250...

The rare ones

Dapper jackpots

The ultra rare

The underwear

The objects of Anlor Win (weapons, pumpkin head,...) and Atysmas


Anlor Win and Atysmas

Non-exchangeable objects

The rare ones

The stuffed animals

Refugee clothing

Ultra rare

Some colors of underwear, prestige shield, ladle, candy cane...

Titles "La Poisse" and "La Chance" are won in the form of a ticket found in the bag. They are not exchangeable.

'Refugee clothes

Rare objects

Prizes found in special bag

These are the winnings either to be assembled or that are not exchangeable (1st tab of the special bag)

First tab

"Items of everything in the special bag

Second tab

Tokens (not exchangeable)

Third tab

"Objects to be assembled that will be exchangeable, or not, after assembly.

Exchangeable objects: zig, frame,...

Non-exchangeable objects: wigs, plushes, apartment decorations,...

4th tab: Ryzhome

See prizes ryzhome

The wigs

The stuffed animals'

Earnings found in a "Ryzhome" bag

You will find in the ryzhome tab the decorations of apartments that have not yet been installed

The basics

Torch, fire, pumpkin (during AnlorWinn event), gift and Christmas tree (during Atysmas),...

The rare ones

Paintings, balls of Atysmas (during Atysmas), Yubo,...

Ultra rare

Gubani, Yzam....

During the events

Pumpkins, snowballs, snow,...

Ryzhome Objects

Some dates for adding prizes

Quarta, Fallenor 16, 1st Bd 2601: We learned at the Ryzom forge meeting that new gifts will be added: zigs (farts), xl tokens, new plushes, wig hairstyles, clothes...

CraftJenn won a wig (you see the special bag)