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Common Phrases

Note: letters in brackets indicate the letter to be added for the word's feminine form. Aiya(e)  : Hey (lit. "blessed"), used to address a person Davae naia  : Good evening (lit. "sweet night") Deles aiye  : Greetings! (this is less formal than "Deles silam" but stronger than "Aiya") Deles silam  : Good day, (lit. "good time", this phrase contains no notion of time) Deles necat  : Goodbye (lit. "ending time") Meria naia  : Goodnight Deles cherae : Good luck! (lit. "Chance time") Erates file  : Congratulations! (lit. "Be proud!") Naete  : Please Fila(e)  : Thank you Neis  : You're welcome Jena aiye  : Blessed be Jena! Ser(ae)  : Mr/Ms Nec  : used for negation, ex. nec mindaleis = I dislike Nec  : No Sil  : Yes


For individuals:

  • -wivan : underling, honorific used for someone beneath your standing
  • -modin : equal, honorific used for someone equal to your standing
  • -kin  : lord, honorific used for someone of higher standing i.e a superior or noble
  • -karan : king, reserved honorific for the Matis king

For adjectives and passive forms

  • -a  : masculine singular
  • -ae : feminine singular
  • -ai : plural (masculine or feminine)

For names

Note: matal = to fight

  • -e  : singular
  • -ei  : plural
  • -ena  : a contraction of "-e nar". Marker indicating a person performing an action, ex. matalena = the (male) warrior, one who fights
  • -enae  : feminine form of -ena, the person performing the action is a female, ex. matalenae = the (female) warrior
  • -enai  : plural of -ena ex : matalenai : the warriors
  • -a/ae/ai : marker, used in the passive voice, to indicate the person or object undergoing an action, ex. matala = the battle, the fighting

For verbs

Note: mindal = to love

  • -eis  : present tense marker, ex. mindaleis = I love
  • -eiti : past tense marker, ex. mindaleiti = I loved
  • -ias  : future tense marker, ex. mindalias = I shall love
  • -ates : imperative marker, ex. mindalates = love!


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