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A pump'kin near a Kami Sanctuary in the Desert

Pump'kins are targetable entities which were added during the Halloween 2009 event. There are two kinds of pump'kin; the first were pump'kins placed in each city counting down till halloween, the second one was introduced when Halloween started. These were scattered all across Atys, every time a player found one the player's pump'kin score would increase, at certain amounts the pump'kins would say something.


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Pump'kin Score Quote
51 You win a new title : Pumpkin Hunter Apprentice!
75 Yes, I'm sure you were waiting for one. We thought the 70th was too predictable!
120 If you find 200 pumpkins, I'll let you in on a very big secret. I was eavesdropping on a private dev meeting one day...
128 You win a new title : Pumpkin Eater!
151 You win a new title : Captain Pumpkin!
201 You win a new title : The Pumpkin Destroyer!
250 You win a new title : Pumpkin Hunter!