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This is page serves as a documentation and discussion of the Atystry Skin. Feel free to add a new section and express your ideas and opinions on the theme.


  • Skin goes live 9 June 2010!
  • Minor changes on 11/07/2010, including:
    • Fixed search button value showing in Opera.
    • Minor changes to the layout of tabs.


Discussion of the skin can be found below, please review existing posts before creating a new one. Please also sign your posts using ~~~~, so we know who to hunt down with pitchforks in the night.

IMO the font's a bit too small, and the narrow layout means more scrolling than in the old layout, which is a step back in usability. Do like the colour scheme :)

- Harvesting Guide - Right now the section that talks about harvesting isn't working, or is blank. I think it would be a great thing to have a page dedicated to harvesting basics, as well as advanced tips and tricks. Digging can be very tedious, but if you know how to maximise your output it can make a world of difference. Thanks.