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  • text={{3DText|text=<span style="font-size:2.5em">'''Hello and welcome to the Ryzom Wiki!'''</span>}} ...ke to learn more about Ryzom, then take a look at the areas most appealing to you, which are described in {{3DText|text=Main portals of the Ryzom Wiki}}
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  • |[[Elusive Forest]], [[Lands of Umbra]] |[[Windy Gate]], [[Lands of Umbra]]
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  • ...ant with fleshy leaves, a '''cratcha''' can fully rotate its flower thanks to a thin, flexible stem. ...th and spits a deadly, viscous substance, strewn with barbels, that sticks to the victim. poisoned substance. Movement of its pistils gives indication of
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  • ...vel freely through the lands of Atys keeping endless watch and endeavoring to make pacts with laudable homins in exchange for deeds done. ...ings and their power of resurrection. They taught homins how to use magic. To those who break their laws, the Kamis promise vengeance.
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  • ...e kitin soldier, recognizable by its long streamlined abdomen, is a terror to all fauna living within its vicinity. Its venom, one of the most virulent o * Naturally Immune to [[Blind]] and [[Root]].
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  • * Natural immunity to [[Fear]], [[Sleep]], [[Root]], [[Slow Movement]] and [[Slow Attack]]. * Moderate resistance to [[Rot]] magic and blunt damage.
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  • ...aggressor to shreds with its sharp carapace. This herbivore occurs in lake lands.<ref>http://atys.ryzom.com/projects/puben/wiki/L_Animals</ref> * Naturally Immune to [[Sleep]].
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  • ...uld gather her thoughts. The Chosen Ones of the holy [[Karavan]] had tried to dispel her doubts, without ever really succeeding. ...now. The imminence of a holy war frightened the homins, and many preferred to deny the evidence rather than face reality.
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  • ...on Garus. They have gone on a diplomatic journey across the Burning Desert to contact the various tribes. So far they have successfully negotiated the wi ...ore on this). Investigations are underway and it seems like there’s more to this mystery than simply a case of Frahar mating season gone a bit too far.
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  • ...the disastrous consequences of the drought in the [[Burning Desert]] came to a climax. At the beginning of the cycle, the [[Tribes#Tribes_of_the_Burning ...econd cycle]], most of the [[Akenak]] resigned in protest. And with nobody to take action anymore, the problems only worsened during the third cycle. It
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  • ...having made the perilous journey to secure our future in the new lands and explore the past of our ancient history. Following are some of the special events l ...s in random locations throughout the lands. These special gifts are a boon to all homins and therefore, Refugee Days coincides with their spawn. It is un
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  • Tryker relations with the Zoraï in the old lands have left deep scars in the collective memory of the Tryker people. ...tic nature and innate gift for commerce, during the early years in the old lands the Trykers struck up a tacit agreement with the Zoraï whereby raw materia
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  • * Very intelligent. He does not miss an opportunity to learn from everything he encounters. ...seems wise and harmless, he is capable of cutting off the head of a friend to achieve his goals. .
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  • text={{3DText|text=<span style="font-size:2.5em">'''Hello and welcome to the Ryzom Wiki!'''</span>}} ...r level and your skills, but just a little bit before you get started, try to see it as an extension {{3DText|text=Role Playing}} of the game itself. {{3
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