Interview with Lekos Daraan

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We travelled to the burning forest, to meet the Watchers. We had been told they were pretty important for the Fyros so we decided to interview Lekos Daraan. He is the current chief, a Fyros.

Interviewer: Hello. We have heard a lot about your tribe. Could you introduce yourself for more homins to know who you are?

Lekos Daraan: Sure.

Interviewer: I noticed that he was keeping a sharp watch around him, while speaking.'

Lekos Daraan: My name is Lekos Daraan. I’m the tribe chief of the Watchers. Our tribe was created in 2484. We are in charge of watching over hotspots in the Burning Forest, and maintain their activity so that they never go out or go out of control.

Interviewer: What for, I mean why do you do this?

Lekos Daraan: That’s obvious: this forest is a source of Magic Fire. If we weren’t keeping Watch, how would Fyros maintain the fire at Cerakos Gate, for instance?

Interviewer: I understand. But wouldn’t it be simpler to burn some wood there?

Lekos Daraan: That’s not the same fire. Look at these campfires.

Interviewer: Lekos showed us three campfires with strange-looking flames.

Lekos Daraan: Don’t you see it with you eyes, if your mind still cannot comprehend it?

Interviewer: So, this is a magic fire?

Lekos Daraan: It is.

Interviewer: But isn’t it dangerous to keep this forest on fire?

Lekos Daraan: As I told you, this is a magic fire, so we can control it, thanks to the Kamis’ teachings. If a blaze was to be put here, it would be far more difficult for us to extinguish it.

Interviewer: But the Kamis do not like fire…

Lekos Daraan: No, they don’t like it. But we are here to ensure there won’t be any risks taken, and a Kami watches over us.

Lekos pointed at a Kami.

Interviewer: There was a forest here before. Is it because of you, that it is now burnt?

Lekos Daraan: No. We just maintain some hotspots in activity. But this ancient forest had been consumed by a great fire far before Fyros arrived in the Burning Desert in 2483. When we arrived, however, the forest was still harbouring numerous hotspots of glowing embers.

Interviewer: And now only remain grey ashes and charcoal… But trees and flowers are also growing up again. Wouldn’t you be pleased to be helped by Matis botanists?

Lekos Daraan: You fool… Matis are manipulators of nature. They don’t care the Kamis’ teaching, and moreover they can be dangerous. Are you spying for them?

Lekos looked at us with intense suspicion.

Interviewer: No, of course not. We just wanted to learn a bit more about your tribe.

Lekos Daraan: I suppose you have enough information. Now leave please, I have other things to do.

We didn’t want to ask him more questions, since Lekos was apparently very irritated by our last one. We will try to return another day…

interview with Lekos Daraan, tribe chief of the Watchers.