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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2022-03-19)

Hello volunteer and thanks in advance!

This will be your guide to merging the old official Lore Wiki and the Ryzom Wiki (this wiki).

Imported content

You can find all imported pages in Category:WikiImport.

Updating content

We have imported all the pages on the old official Lore Wiki into this Wiki. Now there are several things to consider and you can help! Since we want to really merge both wikis to become one, just importing is not enough. There is much duplicated information present since some of the official lore was already copied here years ago. Other things are missing completely or should be part of already existing articles.

Information about imported wiki pages

Many page names are prefixed which detemines their origin on the old official Lore Wiki.

prefix origin
L_ Lore
C_ Chronicles of Atys
EC_ Chronicles of Erlan

Unfortunately not all pages have a prefix and therefore may belong to any section. We suggest to crossreference the old official Lore Wiki at http://atys.ryzom.com/projects/puben.

Empty imported pages

On the old official Lore Wiki, there were quite some pages that had no content at all, except for a "coming soon" placeholder. You can ignore these pages, since we will remove them. We already have removed these pages. The idea is to leave missing pages as red-links (page not existing) instead of luring people in just to find out that there is nothing there. You can identify these pages easily since they will most of the time just contain: Template:Include(puben:chronnotready)

Long story short, keep linking to those missing pages but don't create "empty" pages!

Using imported content

Generally, Lore pages should be merged with already existing wiki pages. Chronicles pages will find a new home in our Lore section.

Each chronicle has its own landing page which should provide a structured list that links to all sub-stories. The Chronicles of Atys and The Erlan Chronicles The landing page for Chronicles is: The Chronicles of Atys.

You can find all imported pages in Category:WikiImport.

Editing and moving pages

You may edit the imported pages right where they are in order to "bugfix" them since we could not import the formatting flawlessly.

Please do not move the pages directly. The imported pages names with the prefixes are not what we'd like to have. Some page names are also shortened. We won't do that either. You can create a new page on the desired destination and copy the content there. Once the merge is done, we will delete all the temporary imported pages!

There are also many pages that are split into parts. We'd like to have those pages as one page! You can use headlines to section the article into parts instead of creating a new page for each.


Since we are providing the wiki in different languages, all images have been moved to a seperate wiki that is our media repository. You can use images uploaded there normally using the [[File:]] markup. We did not import any images that were used on the old official Lore Wiki. The reason for this are mainly naming conflicts with already existing files. If you want to use the missing images, you'll have to upload them to the media repository wiki.


Of course all pages in the chronicles section will have to be categorized. We use this basic system to do it:

The Chronicles of Atys
Erlan Chronicles
other chronicles (see below)

So every Lore page is member of both the Lore category and the main chronicle category it belongs to. You can further categorize the pages if they have the same topic. eg: Category:Marauder Chronicles or Category:Temple War Chronicles All Chronicles have been merged!


Since we have three wikis, one for each language, it would be cool if you could mark the pages with interwiki tags. This looks like this for the Main Page:

[[:de:Hauptseite]] [[:fr:Accueil]]

You see, the equivalent pages in the other languages are added just like categories. This allows users to change the language of an Article while viewing it (just like Wikipedia does).

Getting help

Basically there are two ways of getting helped.

  • If you have questions about a specific lore page, you can use the page's discussion page.
  • If you have questions about general things you can send an email to sircotare[at]ryzom.com
  • Ask in the Ryzom forums at http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/

Last version 2022-03-19•