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Patch 500 released Thursday, June 15th 2006. Release notes can be read here.

Special Note

  • Your account now grants you access to all the servers: Aniro, Arispotle and Leanon. This means that you can create a character on any of those servers.
  • Your account still grants you 5 characters slots but for any server. It is not 5 characters per server, but 5 in total.. Customer Support-wise, the language of the support is based on the server you play on. So if you are playing on Leanon, you have access to support in German, if you play on Aniro in French and on Arispotle in English.
  • Your characters are bound to a server, so you cannot play on various servers with the same character.


  • Word in the streets of Pyr mention that spring is reroll season for some. Feel free to do so in order to discover SoR's new starter island and maybe learn new bits of the lore.


  • There has been some collision optimization all over Atys. This should be more noticeable in the Zoraï landscape. Especially, when you come out of a building, you should not appear 'sometimes' on the roof of the building.


  • Emotes now take into account the gender of player characters.


As previously intended, 'undetermined' famed people are now considered as neutral. As a result, players with more than 50 are considered to have a fame of 50 as it should have been initially.

Guilds and Groupings

  • The guild issue which prevented you from kicking/promoting members is now fixed. Special thanks to the Order of the Nameless and their members who were molested 'just a little' bit in order to nail down that problem.
  • Messages for the following guild actions are advertised in the around' chat channel:
    • creating a guild.
    • someone refuses an invitation to a guild (dam Trykers)
    • someone joins a guild
    • someone is kicked from a guild
    • someone leaves a guild
  • You can invite players to join your party even if they are far, far away. All you need to do is: "/invite playername".
  • The leader of a team cannot be anymore a former member of the team.
  • Messages for the following teaming actions are advertised in the around chat channel:
    • someone joins the party
    • someone is kicked from the party
    • someone leaves the party


  • Welcome back Mr. universe channel. All you need to do in order to be heard Atys wise on your server is "/universe blabla blabla".
  • Here is a reminder of the various command to chat, and some new ones:
    • say: "/say blabla" or "/s blabla"
    • shout: "/shout blabla" or "/sh blabla" or "/yell blabla" or "/y blabla"
    • region: "/region blabla" or "/re blabla" or "/r blabla"
    • universe: "/uiverse blabla" or "/u blabla"
    • team: "/team blabla" or "/te blabla" or "/party blabla" or "/p blabla"
    • guild: "/guild blabla" or "/gu blabla" or "/g blabla"
  • When doing "/say blabla", it should no longer change the chat mode and just say blabla.
  • The various chat tabs in your chat window are not displayed by default anymore (like 'around me' and 'region').

In order to display or not the chat tab, right click on 'users' tab, select the sub-menu 'tab' and just check the boxes for the channel you want to have displayed. You can choose amongst the following:

    • around tab
    • region tab
    • team tab
    • guild tab
    • system info tab (displayed by default)
    • universe tab
  • In the chat window, when clicking on 'emotes':
    • you can play 10 emotes directly
    • go to the sub menu with all emotes
    • go to a sub menu with prefabricated sentences


  • The pad has gone through some optimization and changes. It should feel and look better and grant you faster and better access to what you need. You can also set it in various place in your screen: horizontal, vertical. We hope you enjoy.
  • Interfaces have been freshened up. A few more pixels for the Inventory and chatgroup window, and some changes so that when you are willing to move a chat window you do not end up resizing it...
  • The casting bar changed place and behaves more intelligently now. However, if this new layout does not fit you, or if you are just not ready for it yet, you can play with the previous layout via configuration -> interface -> hud.
  • The casting bar will only appear when you actually cast, or if you are in combat mode even if you did not cast. This is not the case with the former interface. It is now located above or below your hand bar, depending where your hand bar is located.
  • If you decided in options, or SoR configurator, to play in full screen, almost all steps are now full screened: character selection, the game.
  • More tool tips have been added.
  • By default the target window is under the compass, and the bonus malus window is not locked anymore.
  • In game web pages for help have been freshened up.
  • You can adjust your display via the in game configuration for your monitor. Either if it is a big one or a 16/9. We hope you enjoy this change.


  • All SoR versions, German, French and English have been cleaned up.
  • Lots more tool tips were added.


  • You should notice some changes when fighting:
    • Melee combat: dodge, parry, critical, damages now occur when the mob/player is actually hit, not when you launch your action. This should make fights more pleasant. The flying combat damage has been sorted and should be clearer now.
    • Range combat: when using the launcher, you should see the missile. The same tuning as for melee combat has been done for damage. Overall, fights should be more immersive.
  • Some fine tuning was done on magic protections this has a small impact on PvE.
  • A new combat stanza is available at your favorite fighter trainer: 'credit wear out weapon'. This stanza is available from level 25 and upgrades each 50 levels for melee and range fight. The affiliated credits are: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250. In a nutshell this is a new melee credit which deteriorates your weapon when you use it. You cannot cycle this action, this is done on purpose so you will not end up deteriorating your weapon by mistake.


  • OP crafting tools indicated that it was providing a 10% chance to add a 20 bonus. This bonus has been changed and now goes as follows: you have a 10% chance to add a 15 + a value that varies depending on the level of the item. Make sure you re-read the ingame description of that item.
  • As a result the stats you could obtain on various piece of equipment made with OP crafting tools have been reviewed:
    • weapons can only have stamina or hp (no focus nor sap)
    • heavy armours can only have stamina or hp (no focus nor sap)
    • medium armours can only have stamina, hp or sap (no focus)
    • other items or piece of equipment are unchanged
  • The chances for that effect to be triggered have been raised from 5% to 10%


  • You should not encounter any more problems in healing your team mates.


  • You can add precise landmarks at the location of your character. Make sure your character is at the spot you want to mark on your map, then right click and choose the adequate option. /wave to our forager friends.


  • Fixed a trading related bug when 2 mektoubs were involved in the trade, and one of the players already was maxed mektoubwise.
  • If you happen to have a player on your ignore list, the latter cannot guildinvite or teaminvite you. The message he will get does not allow him to know that he is on your ignore list. Moreover, the "/ignore charactername" should behave better now.
  • The contact list and ignore list have been going through a coding 'freshen up'. They should behave better.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause SoR to behave weirdly if you changed of graphic card and the resolution that you specified in SoR was not supported by your new graphic card.
  • Kitins are less likely to walk under water. Looks like Kitins were sploiting more then mektoubs.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead your TP tickets to be no longer useable. This issue was occurring when using a flower potion and a teleport ticket, if the potion was consumed before the TP was fully cast.
  • Creatures respawn rules have also been freshen up. They behave in a more coherent way.
  • Safe areas should be safer.
  • You cannot access the inventory of your mektoubs when you are not at the stable where your mektoub is resting.