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Patch 550 released Wednesday, September 20th 2006. Release notes can be read here.

Ryzom Ring

  • As announced at the IRL '06, in order to celebrate the 2 years of Ryzom, we offer you access to a preview of Ryzom Ring for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks you will need to unlock ring points in order to edit/create adventure.
  • Players can play in any adventure with no restrictions. However, editing/creating is capped at level 150 more or less.
  • We highly recommend that you read the manual, which is only in English at this stage.
  • Free trial accounts do not get access to play any adventure. They can test Ryzom Ring, edit, create their adventures but not play them. This is done via the character creation window.



  • When switching to faction PvP, the icon was not always appearing straight away, this should be fixed. This was happening when switching to pvp faction for the first time after choosing an allegiance.
  • When leaving faction pvp, the icon could take some times to vanish. This should be fixed.
  • The temporary inventory should now behave as follows: the behaviour of this window should be back as before, except that if you die or are disconnected from the game, the mats that were in the window are automatically added in your bag if you have enough room. This is not the case for raw materials being harvested as the action is not over.
  • If you want/need to relog with another character, you don't need to relaunch your client. All you need to do is select 'return to character select' after clicking on 'exit' or after pressing alt-F4.
  • The hardware cursor is not 'windows like' anymore, but Ryzom-based.
  • When creating a new character, after selecting your server, you can now choose amongst several key bindings:
    • 3 basic configurations (such as using arrows to move, or predefined keys).
    • the key bindings of your already existing characters.

Ruins of Silan

  • When you finish a mission providing a reward (RoS missions only), the NPC currently gives you the reward that then appears in a temporary window. But if you don't have room in your bag, you can't take it, and so it may disappear without you being able to get it back again. The NPC now automatically checks to see if you have enough room in your bag; if you do, the reward automatically pops in your bag when talking to him; if you don't, the NPC warns you that you don't have room and will keep your reward until you make some free space.


  • In order to comprehend better the surroundings and the location of the various NPC you may need on Atys, we added City Welcomers.

You can find two of them per capital and one per village roughly. They will provide you information and locations of various NPCs you may need in your fun and exciting journeys, such as: merchants, traders, officers, clerks... Make sure you check your mission book and/or map once you talked with them.


  • Cross server chats are officially live. Here is the appropriate syntax to do that, assuming the player you are trying to reach is called alizee and from aniro server:

/tell ani.alizee blabla blabla
/tell alizee(aniro) blabla blabla
/tell aniro.alizee blabla blabla


  • After choosing a side in an OP battle, either: neutral, attack or defense. Healing will operate as following:

If one choose neutral, he can only heal neutral players If one choose to defend, he can only heal defenders If one choose attack, he can only heal attackers

  • Fixed an exploit when players were relogging during an OP battle where they could insta choose their side. You now need to leave the OP battle zone and get back in, in order to choose your side again if you happen to relog for whatever reason.
  • PvP borders linked to the Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost were modified in order to limit potential conflict when teleporting to the Kami altar.


  • Kitin boss in the Outlaw Canyon was not rewarding the appropriate volume of rewards. This should be fixed.
  • If you want to taunt or pull a mob, do it the right way.