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  • yui : yes
  • ukio : alright, ok
  • né : no, not (né can also be used as a negator)
  • shikyo-né : no!, surely not!


  • ata : to welcome, to greet

Zoraï phrase Basic Meaning
kamia'ata hello (lit. the Kami greet you)
ata'kami* hello (lit. I greet the Kami)
woha greetings! (upon arrival)
kami li'ata welcome
kami zo'ata welcome (formal)
mata hello (initiating conversation)
mata zinkéan à tout de suite !
mata né'puké goodbye, bye for now
mata waki see you later
mata Zora goodbye (on se retrouve à Zora)
mata nékéan farewell
mata yumé goodnight (lit. we meet in dreams)
lao'zénui sleep well
ataa I'm back (remplace le « re »)
kamia'ata miko-ito greetings homins!
Woha mik'ito hello homins

* This is in reponse to "kamia'ata"


Zoraï Language