Amber of occupations
Collect pistils from plants in the forest and maintain a small greenhouse
Master Valentina Sinti
Type of Activity Drilling
Difficulty +
Special Item A flower of luck which increases the likelihood of success on improving elements
Yields Bouquets of flowers that give a large wisdom bonus for a short time
Mission 1/2
Tasks Find sources and harvest pistils from flowers in the forest regions. These sources appear in the same location next season
Location The different regions of the Forest
Mission 2/2
Tasks Fetching water at the well, collecting fertilizer outside the city, and water and fertilize plants
Location Yrkanis and its surroundings.
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Florist is one of the 8 occupations, and one of the 2 taught by the Matis. Of those two, it is the easier occupation, taking place in the normal regions of the Verdant Heights. It mostly involves harvesting flower pistils from the forest, and fetching water and fertilizer to tend to the flowers. The consumables created by this occupation give a bonus to sap regeneration.



Special Item

Lucky Flower

Lucky Flower

You'll receive 1 Lucky Flower when you take on the florist occupation, and 4 whenever you retake the mission while you're already a florist (possible every 2 days).

Created Item

Basic Bouquet

Using 4 Flower Supply Certificates and 4 Flower Maintenance Certificates, you can create a number of Bouquets.

Bouquets can only be used while sitting down, and they increase your wisdom and thus your sap regeneration for a short time.

The most basic form is the Q10 Basic Bouquet. It takes 1 second to consume, and increases your wisdom by 100 for 10 seconds. This effectively gives you +40 sap regeneration (or +80 sap regeneration if you're sitting down) during those 10 seconds. It prevents the use of any other occupation products for 20 seconds.

Mission 1

Flower Supply Certificates

Grade 1

Forage Pistil Fragments and put them in the appropriate jars inside the Florist's building. Once you complete the mission by putting the pistils in the jar you'll receive a Flower Supply Certificate. There are 4 jars you may be assigned to fill:

A flower-source

You can only interact with the jar that your current mission assigns to you, and once you fill that jar with the appropriate pistils you'll be randomly assigned a new jar (which might be the same jar again). You can also abandon and retake the mission from Valentina Sinti at any time to get a new random jar.

Pistil Fragments can be foraged from self-popping flower-sources that appear at different locations in the Verdant Heights. The locations where these flowers appear depend on the season. You don't need to be a florist to dig them, however they are useless to a non-florist and cannot be traded. Thus as florist you'll have to dig the pistils for yourself.

Higher grades

At higher grades, you'll need pistil fragments of higher qualities, and you'll also need more of them, but the mission will otherwise work the same.

Mission 2 of grade 1

Flower Maintenance Certificates

Grade 1

Complete a simple task centered around tending for the flowers. Once you do, you'll receive a Flower Maintenance Certificates. There are 4 tasks you may be given:

For the first two missions, you simply have to interact with the correct barrel. For the last two, you'll have to interact with the well or heap outside Yrkanis, receive a Small Barrel (5 bulk) and hand this Small Barrel over to the correct barrel in the Florist's building. (You'll need to approach the well from the side to be able to interact with it.)

The mission randomly gives you one of these tasks, and if you complete it, you'll randomly get a new task (which might be the same task again). You can also abandon and retake the mission from Valentina Sinti at any time to get a new random task.

Higher grades

At higher grades, this mission remains exactly the same. You will ofcourse receive higher quality components (and more dapper) for completing the tasks at higher grades, but the tasks are exactly the same.

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