Fyros High Officials

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Important names of the Empire

SHARÜKOS (The Emperor and Imperial court)

  • Lykos, Sharükos, Emperor
  • Xania, Empress-Mother
  • Epus, Imperial Counsellor

Guild of the Burning Faces

  • Decalion Krilus, Burning Master

BEMÛNOS (Politics and administration)

1. Senate (no complete list)

  • Lyan Cexius (Senator assigned to Pyr)
  • Dios Apotheps (Senator assigned to Dyron)
  • Abycus Zekops (Senator assigned to Thesos)
  • Graphybus Ceros
  • Xalis Perimenix
  • Kyla Dentheus

2. Akenak

  • Arrlon, Kamigawa (Dyron)
  • Bardor, La Lune Eternelle (Thesos)
  • Eeri, Légions Fyros (Thesos)
  • Gladeusdeus (Dyron)
  • Gunbra, Légions Fyros (Thesos)
  • Icus, Légions Fyros (Thesos)
  • Lerya, Légions Fyros (Pyr)
  • Malin (Dyron)
  • Stiara, Rote Teufel (Dyron)
  • Thols (Thesos)

3. Former Akenak

  • Xepheros Xyron
  • Lytis Thecaon
  • Kyron Deukos

4. Functionaries

  • Boen Eunix, Herald
  • Pephosse Aerus, Thesos
  • Dionix Zekips, Dyron
  • Kyrin Cedix, Dyron
  • Sollia
  • Krinn Xagrian, secretary Abycus Zekops
  • Euphanix Apotheps, Archivar

5. Imperial Academy

  • Messedos Syagrus, Grand Master

BEMÛNAR (Army and armed forces, only leaders are listed)

Imperial Army

  • Icaphotis Dylidus, General of the army and strategist of Pyr
  • Ibiritis Ibirus, strategist of Thesos
  • Pimokos Lyion, strategist of Dyron
  • Ulyros, Pyr Guard Leader

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