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Personal Amber
Do'Ro Thee
Dorothée Portrait 01.png
Do'Ro Thee means in Atysian: The richest of the branches
(Thée: a wood, rich in resin)
Race Tryker
Gender Female
Nation None
Organization Rangers
Worship None
Faction Rangers
Guild Cercle du Bois d'Almati
Rank High Officer
Birth Unknown
Death Alive
Mother Kay N'su-Ger
Father Tyme O'Thee
Graphics Team
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    I remember little about my early childhood among the Trykers, except the terror I experienced during the Kitins of the Deep raid that took my family. Hidden in (empty) beer barrels by our parents, we were able to escape the massacre. I guess the smell of clopper secretion repelled the kipestas... Luckily, shortly afterwards, a Ranger patrol found my twin sister Am'al Thée, my cousin Da'ni Ellea and I, starving to death, and took us to the Silan refugee camp.


We arrived at the camp of Silan the First, Medis 1, 1st AC 2597. There we were immediately taken in charge by the refugee and Ranger community. It was there that I met Thouty and Ca'linus (now K'line), then Ranger Belami, my first friends. I was immediately attracted both by the mischievousness of Milles Dodoine and by the quiet strength of Chiang The Strong, and I immediately wanted to become like them and this despite the anger of Guilan Guiter which scared me a lot. In fact Guilan hides under his strong voice more tenderness than it seems. In spite of his haughty attitude, Da'ni and I have taken away from Sterga Hamla a certain interest in armor and jewelry making (especially Da'ni). We were all three of us a bit dissipated during Nomis Merclao's magic classes, but in the end, we managed to become acceptable magicians too, and Chiang entrusted us with the missions that allowed us to reach the continent. We haven't lost contact and it's often that we come back to Silan, with pleasure, sharing some of our new experiences.

The continent

I went to Fairhaven with my friend K'line, Da'ni and then Am'al joined me a little later. K'line and I were immediately helped to get to Sick Country by Fyros Freddy and Jorgensen. They also introduced us to the Atys' trades and showed us the dangers of intelligent lake plants. Sbeck then took me on a tour of the desert. While K'line was moving towards a career as a fighter, I continued to practice both the lessons of Miles and tailoring for which I still have a definite interest, even if my skills are not yet equal to my ambitions. It was then that I met my friend Thouty in Fairhaven.

She had joined the Rangers of the "Cercle du Bois d'Almati" (Almati Wood Society) and invited me to apply, which I eagerly did: my dream was finally starting to come true! I was immediately adopted by Kiwa'Lie (Mum ^_^ ) and Uncle Djiper! and of course by the other Rangers of the guild, my new friends. Thouty and I joined our efforts to get a proper reputation first among the nations, and then also among the higher powers. Bandits, Kipees had to endure our assaults; they finally paid off as we were accepted into the Ranger school, passed our rite and became Aspirants. We have always, almost always together, followed the advice of the wise men of the four nations and started their quests. It was during the last one, around the towers of the Frahars or Pyr that my dear friend disappeared, and we could not find any trace despite our searches. I miss her... From the Holeth, Medis 18, 4th Corps 2599 [1] I am an officer of the Circle and very proud. Thanks to intensive training and wise advice from CraftJenn, her friend Kythqaa and Uncle Djip, Dani and I have mastered the art of drilling in lakes. I then passed the Ranger exam, closely followed by Da'ni and then Affsa, whom we met in Silan on Belami's advice. Meanwhile, Am'al (still lazy), met Dearbhail and founded their own guild in Avendale : "Les Galettes au Beurre Salé" /

The Ultimate Quest

I had met Orphie Dradius, our leader, first when she came to the Rangers assembly to clarify some points about an Old Map that Picatis had found in her archives. .... See Orphie last quest

also my last words to Orphie.