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Geographical Amber
Silan Island

Country of All people

Homins All
Sub-Continent Island
Region Level 1-45
Neutral Altar Kami and Karavan (2 each)
Area 5.1 km²

Silan is the island where homins first emerged into the New Lands (the current known world), after the Great Swarming. It is the endpoint of the so-called Oflovak Road. The Ranger camp was open to refugees in 2532
If you're a new player looking for a guide on Silan, see Silan Guide. ( See the user manual too).


This is where refugees and many children start their training period. Any homin can leave Silan at any time, but should take care to meet the city welcomer where they decide to go and get teleportation pacts, or they will need a dangerous trek to be able to return once you've left.

Silan contains many different people with which the player can interact with, above all trainers for fighting , magic, harvesting and crafting, mission givers for both factions the Kami and the Karavan and a set of missions for the Rangers. All missions given on Silan act as a tutorial for Ryzom i.e. Silan should not convey the idea that Ryzom as a whole is quest-centric.

The main world of Atys has many different ecosystems each with their own animals and vegetation, and Silan shows off many of them in a small area. Thus Silan combines a mainly forest ecosystem with a lakelands area and a jungle area as well as a Goo zone and a ruined town. It then crams the whole thing full of "weak" versions of some of Atys' most exotic animals, thus the choice as a training area.

NoteOOC: For a more in-depth look into missions and tutorials on Silan see Silan Guide.


Silan is an island, currently being explored and relatively controlled, of the New Lands. The Rangers, in the late 2500s, dug and opened a tunnel to access it from the upper part of the Grove of Confusion.

Technically, only the ruined town is called Silan. The island has no official name, and because the ruined town was the central feature of the island, the entire island has come to be referred to as Silan.


This is the only area on the island where homins are allowed to fight each other [1] for training purposes. As far as can be seen the arena is naturally formed and many resources can be found within it. It should be noted that the abundance of sources should not make you less wary of the Arena. It can also be used for occasional events.

Hunting Grounds

Where the inhabitants of the ranger camp hunt bodocs and other herbivores for food. Bodocs, yubos, izam, and rendor can be found here, as well as the ragus that prey on them.

Ruins of Silan

A city which was built by the Matis when they resurfaced. The Matis began experimenting with the intelligent plants in the region, namely the slaveni, to make extracting resources easier. This eventually led to the city's downfall and the ruins are all that remain of it. These days the ruins are inhabited by looters.

Throne room

A little way away to the north of the village is the Throne Room, also in ruins. It seems that Arken's Goo Head Looters are trying to set up gingos there; watch out!

Shining Lake

This lake with an island in the middle forms a miniature subtropical ecosystem. Though the shores around the lake are full of dangers, homins are completely safe in it's waters. The island in the middle is home to a population of crays, including one gigantic specimen.

Blight Zone

An area of the island ravaged by the Goo. Contaminated and sickly creatures wander this place, while some homins seek to abuse the Goo for their own purposes. Several missions enlist the player's aid in pushing back the Goo.

Kitins Jungle

An uncharted area of horror and unknown dangers. As the name implies it's jungle ecosystem and the only place on the island where the kitin threat is present. kipees and kipestas roam here and the area is rumoured to be inhabited by a giant kirosta.

The Ranger Camp

The only inhabited settlement on the island, and where all new refugees first arrive. This camp was set up by the Rangers of Atys and opened in 2532, specifically as a place of training where new arrivals to Atys can learn all they need to survive.

In the camp are all the people who offer missions to young homins to learn them the ropes of things. The camp chief, Chiang the Strong, welcomes the newcomers. Guilan Guiter gives mission to teach fighting, Nomis Merclao missions to teach magic, Milles Dodoine missions to teach harvesting and Sterga Hamla missions to teach crafting. The Kami and Karavan give some missions to teach homins about the Goo, and Chiang the Strong, eventually gives some final missions to teach homins about bandits and kitin. There are also trainers to teach you new skills and a guide to point you to all these people. Lastly, there is a market where homins can buy and sell materials and equipment.

Again, for guides on all these missions, see the Silan Guide.


The Rangers' Camp Map
Name Title Job Mission(s)
Chiang the Strong Ranger Commander Camp chief
Faecan Delared Rangers Scout outside camp, by the Arena
Unnoirin Cepao Welcome Hostessl (very tired, really!)
Guilan Guiter Fyros Commander Texte
Utehes Isy Fighter Trainer
Gwoli Dredrish Weapon Merchant one hand weapons
Enarius Kenro Weapon Merchant two hands weapons
Nomis Merclao Sage Text
Tedehem Paglops Magician Trainer
Sterga Hamla Matis Master Crafter Texte
Ta'Calc Odeh Crafter Trainer
Yberatha Wealin Armor Merchant Light armors
Broedia Astewaren Armor Merchant Medium armors
Fer Himir Armor Merchant Heavy armors
Milles Dodoine Chief Explorer Texte
Yoh Yawh Harvester Trainer
Blennyn Cuddry Jewell Merchant
Be'Tooly Lixie Raw Material Merchant
Anibre Bechini Tool Merchant
Aryu Ken Texte [2]
Kami Guide Texte Texte
Karavan Communication Officer Karavan Communication Officer Texte
Texte Texte Texte

Mobs and resources on Silan

See the OOC page for more.

See also

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  1. PvP
  2. This character doesn't give any mission, he is just implied in one of them.

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