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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Animals
Category Herbivore
Main Ecosystem(s) Desert and Forest
Counterattack type Blunt

A stocky hoofed mammal with a short thick neck and belonging to the same family as the capryni. It has a heavy front body and a hump on its back. Its large head is covered with a helmet-like leather carapace which constitutes a formidable ram for defense. Like caprynis, rendors are grazing animals noted for their docility, though when provoked can be deadly to even the most aggressive predator. Occurs in forest and desert lands.[1]

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to fear and stun.
  • Moderate resistance to rot magic.
  • Partial resistance to fire magic and slashing damage.

Valued Resources

Rendors can be quartered for:

Icon Material Uses
Eyes Jewel, Magic Focus,
Skins Grip, Clothes,
Nails Trigger, Jewel Setting,
Pelvis Hammer, Counterweight,
Teeth Ammo Jacket, Lining,

Hierarchy of Species

Rendors by Nahwa.jpg
Level Name
163 Violent Rendor
127 Scrounging Rendor
118 Rooting Rendor
110 Obstinate Rendor
101 Gruff Rendor
87 Grunting Rendor
77 Gluttonous Rendor
67 Wary Rendor
56 Robust Rendor
22 Weak Rendor
16 Weaned Rendor
12 Docile Rendor

Exceptional Specimens

Name Level Type Materials Location
Rendoketh 220 Boss Supreme Savage Dunes
Rendokin 170 Boss Supreme Knoll of Dissent
Slayer Rendor 160 Named Choice Knoll of Dissent
Bingle 110 Named Excellent Oflovak's Oasis

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