Oflovak Road

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de:Oflovaks Weg
en:Oflovak Road
es:Camino de Oflovak
fr:Route d'Oflovak
ru:Офловацка дорога
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This is the name given to the paths opened and marked out by Oflovak Rydon, from the Prime Roots refuge to the New Lands first, during and after the Great Swarming. Extended to the old ones, this route allowed homins who had been unable to travel through the Rainbows to reach the New Lands as early as 2487. It now leads to the island of Silan. The Second Swarming made it much less safe and the markings have deteriorated, but it is still used by refugees in the early 2600s.The road is about 2500 km long as the Izam flies. Most of the road passes through a desert and the map below shows only the terminal part. It is a critical section, where refugees frequently get lost, as it takes three days to cross it on the back of a Mektoub.
It is still watched over by the Rangers (especially on the final segment), who also perform the Ranger qualification rite for their Aspirants.

Map of the Oflovak Road's surroundings used during the Ranger rites..

The first three luciograms below show the milestones installed by Oflovak Rydon (first one is rite starting camp), the last one shows a group of refugees still on the road, rescued by a few Rangers.

Map of the Oflovak Road given by the Rangers to Azazor Eridlo Merihus and Eeri by Erin Mac'Cartlann.

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