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Personal Amber
Oflovak Rydon
Famous Explorer
Race Fyros
Gender Male
Nation -
Organization -
Worship Neutral
Faction Neutral (Gnost)
Guild Trail Blazers
Rank Chief, founder.
Mother unkown
Father unkown
Non-playable character


His life

    Oflovak Rydon is one of the few witnesses to the appearance of Elias Tryton, during the Great Swarming, through which he finds refuge in the Prime Roots through teleport passages (the so-called "Rainbows"). He went almost immediately into exploration, with the aim of finding a route to Old Lands.

    On this occasion he found a path to the New Lands, then completes the task he had set for himself in 2485. He thus opened the way to the exodus by the road that now bears his name. The first refugees arrived on the New Lands in 2487.

    With the help of his two apprentices, Deutheus Xaphaan and Be'Cauny Kedgy, he mapped a large part of the New Lands, then left them to go back alone on a new quest from which he never came back.


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