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The first guild, the Rangers of Atys occupied the field in the Almati Woods. Gradually, the refugees have joined their model. The first guild was thus created on Silan to welcome and assist refugees.

About the Ranger's language Rangerlang_EN.

The Rite is coming, but the training gives the ranger tp.

  1. Their values
  2. Their Worldview of Atys
  3. Banned
  4. Their Friends
  5. Their language
  6. Training


Ranger language Ranger Training

Their values

They are six in number to recall the four nations and the two powers:

  • Unity is strength (hence compliance with the Treaty of Nations and in memory of the first treaty of Karavia)
  • Atys is our home, we must be careful not to damage it. (Precept kami)
  • The truth is our only faith (Fyros)
  • Reflection is our light in the dark (Matis)
  • Synergy, sharing and solidarity are our social rules. (Tryker)
  • Serenity is our lifestyle. (Zoraï)

Their Worldview of Atys

The Rangers, from all backgrounds homins, have a fairly open view about the various beliefs, legends from the mixture of cultures.

Capacities are sometimes seen as a necessary evil sometimes as an incomplete truth to give meaning to their existence. From experience, they know that these powers have two-time save hominkind no distinction between their faithful or not. They suspect that power can be used to help ... as to destroy, as they show themselves welcoming to their members without their allegiance. They have no preconceived ideas about Jena.

Nations are a wealth for the Rangers when they add their skills, a drama when they tear each other apart. This is why some Rangers mediators offer their service.

Stateless persons are sometimes considered cousins as they do not attack other homins because of their nationality or beliefs. About the Ranger language.


The Rangers are forbidden to bear arms against any other homin, whatever their nation and belief except in self-defense. It is the same with stateless persons, or trytonistes marauders. The only few times permitted, it is in the friendly games. And yet, it has to treat or seek treatment competitor after the fight.

Their Friends


The Ranger Training begin in Zora - next to the occupation "cartographer" (North of Zora) - there's 2 npc. First use a q100 amber, searching for "magic place" around Atys, then a higher one.

The rite does not require the same prerequisites to each step... Fames prerequisites:

  • to get the third stage mission on Pathfinder, you need to have fames: nations +30 and religion (Kami and Karavan) +20.
  • +35 in all 6 Fames to get the Cube of Precepts and the title of Ranger Aspirant.
  • At the end, there must be 50 everywhere.

And, to do the training you will need several tp, cause the training consist about use a q100 "special magic amber", to use in different places on Atys.

Anyone who is interested in the Ranger faction can come to the meetings in Almati Wood (ouside of capitals, you'll find a temple - a pnc will tp you to Almati (cost 0 dappers).


See on the forum "How to become a Ranger" http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25039/1&post169523=en

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