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Fame is a measure of how much an NPC faction likes or hates you. Fame is gained by doing different missions from different mission givers, these mission givers are usually aligned with certain tribes, races or higher powers. It is important to note that by gaining fame with one faction, you usually gain a small amount of fame with allied factions and lose some fame with the opposing factions. Fame also affects some small aspects of the world, such as which factions will attack you on sight or how they trade with you.


Main article: Alignment

A character or guild can align themselves with one of the four races as well as one of the two higher powers. Aligning oneself to either will adjust your fame caps accordingly for the faction's enemies and allies, i.e. higher caps for allies and lower caps for enemies. Your fame with a faction will automatically be lowered, if during alignment your fame for that faction is higher than the new cap, e.g. upon completion of the Karavan initiation rite your Kami fame will be adjusted to -50 and you will be considered anathema to the Kami.


Neutral means that a character or guild chose not to align themselves with any race or higher power. At any point a character or guild can renounce their alignment to a race or higher power and become neutral, this will remove any fame caps they incurred while they were aligned. If fame for a faction was over 50 before renouncing alignment, then the fame will be automatically lowered to 50 as soon as alignment is renounced.

Teleporter Pacts

Main article: Teleporters

Teleporter Pacts or TPs are tickets that can be bought at any of the higher powers' altars that allows you to teleport back to the altar you purchased it at. Fame has little affect on which surface teleporter pacts you can attain, but is essential if you want to get the Prime Roots pacts for your chosen faction. For all Prime Roots pacts you need at least 60 fame and for level 200 or higher region on the surface you need fame of at least 33.

Factional Fame

Initial Fame
Fyros Matis Tryker Zoraï
Kami 10 -20 -10 20
Karavan -10 20 10 -20

Racial Fame

Initial Fame
Fyros Matis Tryker Zoraï
Fyros 20 -20 -10 10
Matis -20 20 10 -10
Tryker -10 10 20 -20
Zoraï 10 -10 -20 20

Merchant Prices

Your fame with each of the 4 races determines how much their merchants will pay for your goods and how much you'll have to pay for their goods. The higher your fame with the Fyros, the better the prices you'll get from Fyros merchants, and similarly for all other races.

This also applies to wandering hawkers of that race, regardless of which land they're in. It also applies to stable boys (who sell mounts and packers) and to faction items merchants (even though they have their prices in faction points instead of dappers). It does not apply to buying apartments or guild halls, those always have the same price.

This does not affect prices when selling to or buying from other players through the merchants.

Price you get when you
Fame buy from NPC sell to NPC
100 100.00% 100.00%
80 104.50% 95.50%
60 109.00% 91.00%
40 113.50% 86.50%
20 118.00% 82.00%
0 122.50% 77.50%
-20 127.00% 73.00%
-30 129.25% 70.75%
Below -30 Trading impossible Trading impossible

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Tribal Fame

Main article: Tribe fame



For Faction, you have three choices; Kami, Karavan, and Neutral. The one you decide will affect which TPs you can/can't get, which side you will fight on if/when you activate your FvF tag, and which temple guards will/won't attack you (the guards will attack when you have below -50 Fame with them) (Note: There is only one temple in each land - they are not in any towns and you will usually only need to go there to declare your alignment and buy items with Honor Points)

The Race your character actually is has no effect on which Faction you can or can't join - any character can join any Faction. All characters start off neutral and with a starting Fame with each Faction - starting Fame is the only effect your character's Race has.

Fyros Matis Tryker Zorai
Kami 10 -20 -10 20
Karavan -10 20 10 -20

A Neutral player can have a maximum of 50 Fame with either Faction (ie they can have -100 to +50 Kami and -100 to +50 Karavan). A Faction aligned player can have a maximum of +100 Fame with their chosen Faction and a maximum of -50 with the other Faction (ie a Kami-aligned player can have -100 to -50 Karavan Fame and up to +100 Kami Fame - if their Kami Fame drops below 0 then they will automatically be forced to neutral again - the same goes in reverse for Karavan).

As I've said, everyone starts off Neutral, so if you want to stay that way then skip the rest of this section and go straight to the part about TPs To align yourself with a Faction, you will first need a Fame value of 30 or more with the Faction you have chosen. You can then head to a temple of that Faction - there is one temple of each Faction in every capital zone (Imperial Dunes, Liberty Lake, Witherings, and Majestic Garden) so just ask in /region or /Guild if you need to find it Once at the temple you will have to speak to one of the NPCs and follow their instructions as they guide you through some simple tasks. Once you've completed everything they ask of you, you're aligned with that Faction Now the TPs you can buy will have changed from what it was as a Neutral...


As well as being aligned to a Faction, players can also align themselves with a Race (Tryker/Fyros/Matis/Zorai) - again this is completely seperate to which Race your character actually is... you can have a Zorai who is a Matis citizen or a Tryker who is a Zorai citizen, or whatever.

All characters start Race-neutral and can have a maximum value of +50 Fame with all of the Races, and a minimum value of -50 Fame with all of the Races (ie a Race-neutral player may have -50 to +50 Fame with all of the Races - they are not related) As well as starting Race-neutral, characters start with a specific value of Fame with all of the Races - starting Fame is the only effect that your character's actual Race has, but can be easily overcome.

Initial Fame with
Chosen Race Fyros Matis Tryker Zorai
Fyros 20 -20 -10 10
Matis -20 20 10 -10
Tryker -10 10 20 -20
Zorai 10 -10 -20 20

In order to get citizenship of a Race and become aligned with them, you must have a Fame value of at least 30 with that Race. You can then go and find the NPC in the capital city of that Race (ask in region or guild chat to find out where) and once you have followed their instructions you will be aligned with that Race.

Once aligned with a Race, you will have certain caps on your Fame values with the Races.

Maximum Fame with
Chosen Race Fyros Matis Tryker Zorai
Fyros 100 0 25 75
Matis 0 100 75 25
Tryker 25 75 100 0
Zorai 75 25 0 100

The effect of Race Fame is the price you will get when you sell something to a merchant of that Race, and which missions an NPC of that Race will or will not offer you. If you drop below -50 Fame with a Race, the guards in the towns of that Race will attack you on sight. You may buy an appartment in any capital town, not just the one you are aligned with. Race Fame has no effect on which TPs you may or may not buy.


Just as players can align themselves with a Faction and a Race, so can Guilds. A Guild can be Neutral/Kami/Karavan, and also Neutral/Fyros/Matis/Tryker/Zorai. Again, the Faction alignment has no effect on the Race alignment, and neither does the location of the Guildhall - a Guild may align itself in any combination it likes and may purchase a Guildhall in any capital city.

The alignment of a Guild determines which Homins may or may not join the Guild. Since this can sometimes be tricky to get your head round (and to explain) I'll explain it in two ways; from the Guild's point of view, and from the player's point of view:

1) A character who is Faction aligned can only enter a Guild of that Faction. A neutral character can join any Guild.

2) A neutral Guild can only have neutral characters in it. A Guild which is Faction aligned may have neutral characters, or characters who are aligned the same as the Guild.

The same goes for Race alignment, but with the Race instead of the Faction

To align with a Faction or Race, the Guild leader must go to an NPC (at the temple of in the capital city, near to the ones for player alignment) and follow the NPCs instructions. Like for players, the Guild needs to have 30 Guild Fame. If the Guild Fame drops below 0 with the Race or Faction it is aligned with, it will automatically become neutral or Race-neutral (depending on which Fame value dropped below 0). Any player who is incompatible with the neutrality of the Guild (ie any player who is aligned with a Faction or Race, depending on which Fame value dropped) will automatically become of Unspecified status (see notes below).

Unspecified status

A character or a Guild in unspecified status is considered as neutral by the game mechanisms. While in this status, you keep your Fame values unchanged and aren't subject to any cap. However, while in this state, you can't gain or loose Fame. Additionally, a character can't switch to another status when his Guild is also in this state. If your Fame was above 50 with a Race or Faction when you became unspecified, it will stay at that value, but NPCs will act as if it were 50. When you are unspecified, you should take steps to return to neutrality or alignment (you may have to leave your Guild to do this).


The alignment of a Guild has no effect on which outpost it can take - a Guild may take any outpost it can The alignment of a Guild has no effect on which drill it can build on an OP it owns - it can build any drill it likes. The alignment of a player has no effect on which "outpost craft plans" they can get - they can get whatever they have the skill points for.


Currently there are no "FvF" (Faction vs Faction) zones on Atys, so your alignment currently has no effect on zoned PvP. Neutral players cannot activate any PvP tag - they are always "neutral" in tagged FvF combat. Anyone with above +25 fame with a faction (Homin Civilisations or Higher Powers) is no longer considered neutral but "pro" that faction, and can activate their FvF tag for that faction. Also, anyone with below -25 fame is no longer considered neutral but "anti" that faction, and can activate their FvF tag targeting that faction. Players who are "pro" or "anti" any faction can activate their FvF tag whenever they wish (according to the associated timers) to participate in tagged FvF combat. You can only attack someone who has a tag of an opposing Faction on; you can't attack neutral players or opposing players without their tag on. (Unless ofcourse you attack them under a different kind of PvP, such as in a duel, in the Arena, or in the GvG zones Lands of Umbra and Nexus. But these kinds of PvP have nothing to do with fame, faction or alignment.)

Description of factional PvP in the patch notes.

Whether you are official aligned with a faction currently has no effect on FvF PvP; only your fame determines whether you are pro, anti, or neutral regarding a faction.

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