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en:Marauders TP fr:Téléporteur Maraudeur
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Neutral Teleport Karavan and Kami TP Marauders TP Marauders TP Ranger TP

The teleports


The rite

It is necessary to have all the famous ones at -50 and the marauder one at 50

Then you have to go to the entrance of the camp and talk to the NPC to pass the rite.

You will not have access to any teleporter, once the rite has been performed.

The TP

Zinuakeen's map

Once the crystal in pocket, it will be necessary to validate the new TP which are Zinuakeen.

It will be necessary to browse Atys to recover them one by one.

The artifact: the crystal

the crystal

The sage of the marauding rite

Where to get it?

Once the rite is finalized, the wise woman hands over the famous "crystal" artifact that allows you to TP. It is located at the entrance of the marauding camp.

If you lose it or destroy it by mistake, you will just have to go back to her to get it back.

How does it work?

the crystal

1. To activate a tp, you click on the crystal

2. The TP window opens

3. Choose the Tp you want to use and click on it

4. You are TP

5. No need to buy back the TP, as long as you have charges, you will be able to TP

How to recharge the crystal?

thum thum
Just go to the back of the camp after the barn and talk to the NPC foreman. Right click and you will see the option to sell the crystal refills.

For info 1 refill = 1k dappers

Therefore, 1 TP Premium = 10 refills


Attention to -39 of a fame, you will not be able to use the TP marauders any more.


There is also talk of Zinuakeen (notably, BM)