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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

There are currently 23 pages related to the portal and 33 elements in the category The Great Library.
There are currently in the English speaking Encyclopatys more than 1,799 elements.

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The Great Library of Atys

The Great Library of Atys (also called Encyclopatys)

is the work of all homins, experts or amateurs, from every nations, races, convictions...

It contains observations of researchers, teachings of scientists, feats and advice of adventurers, methods of craftsmen, tales of narrators, verses of poets... The all culture of Atys

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The category The Great Library

The Category: The Great Library includes all the works and knowledge of the Atysians. It brings together the main branches:

It is at least in one of these branches or sub-branches that the created documents should be classified so that they are easily found by homins looking for reading or information. It is not uncommon for an article to fall into several categories.

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Updating representative the 7 themes of the library

Theme Chosen page Status ( to make or change;
good for now
GBA overview Primes_Raider already in 2:Literature
Sciences, arts...
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Literature Primes_Raider
Homin Primes Raider I But would be fine to find another suitable page
History Primes Raider II But to find more suitable page
Society Fyros History through the lanes of Pyr To shift with 4:History?
Bric-a-brac Atystrology
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Spotlight on

en:Memoirs of an homina
fr:Mémoires d’une homine
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The Memoirs of an homina gather the fifty or so posts put on the forum[1] by Eleanide, merenae[2] seamstress and honorary member of the Alkiane Order, between Frutor 2593.II the 1st and Pluvia the 29th 2600.I[3], posts in which she told many of her memories and asserted some of her convictions.

Matters of another planet now occupy most of her time, but she is always for the Order ready to distract herself from them. That is why I wished to reorganize the transcription she did herself of the said posts into three chapters (see below) and to undertake their translation into the dialect of Natae.

Nilstilar Thorec, Alkiane Order, Germinally the 19th 2606.II[4]

Chapter I - The Beginning
Chapter II - Vigils in the Marauder Camp
Chapter III - Life in Thesos

  1. Posts on ROLEPLAY Forum
  2. Personal Mateis neologism, which could be translated as “pickaxeress” or “resolute”
  3. Between May 19, 2017 and September 24, 2018
  4. December 8, 2019

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