Dragon of the Myth

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According to legend, the Dragon of the Myth (a.k.a. Great Dragon or Prince of Darkness), whom the Fyros call "Fyrak", was the entity that brought Hominkind to Atys.

The Legend

Homins lived on an impoverished planet until the Great Dragon, the prince of darkness, came and seduced them with visions of crystal waters and a land of plenty. After leading them to Atys, the Dragon endeavored to extinguish the sunlight there and in the cold and dark reduce the homins to slavery.

Jena, Goddess of the sun, creator of Atys, got wind of the Dragon's treachery and filled his body with eternal fire to prevent him breathing coldness and extinguishing the living light. The Goddess then conjured the light anew so provoking the Green Rising so that the homins could live again in harmony in a bountiful world.

As for the Dragon, he took refuge in the dark bowels of Atys where he now slumbers. Homins are forbidden by Jena's Law to descend underground in the Prime Roots in quest of the Dragon's lair for fear of stirring his wrath. A prophecy holds that before the Great Dragon dies he will rise again to expulse all the fire from his body so causing the end of Atys. Those remaining faithful to the teachings of Jena and residing on the surface of Atys shall be rescued and shepherded to a new world of plenty.