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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

Organized groups of Atys formed for a specific purpose

Nations, tribes, clans, associations, guilds...; their reasons for being, their members, their laws, their customs...

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Theme plan and categories

There are many associations on Atys.

Among the institutions most frequent and most useful for survival are the guilds, or clans, usually grouped by religious, national, ideological affinities…

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Society refers to the grouping of individuals who share certain customs and internal laws for a common benefit. Here it will be:
  • Institutions such as Guilds,
  • Social norms, traditions, customs, collective agreements
  • Local specializations, such as trades, but also small missions proposed by the inhabitants of the cities.
  • And even more...

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Featured article

Nair Chanchey, the auctioneer of the evening

— To give you an idea of what you can buy/sell there, and the prices —

We reach the cave of the market from the TP of Dew Drops.


The meeting is in the Darkmoor's cave, often a trek is proposed, starting from Fairhaven.

The 24th edition of the Black Market is open the Quinteth 29 Germinally of the second cycle from 2609 at 9:00 am (OOC: July 12, 2020 at 8:15 pm CEST) by Nair Chanchey, who reminds everyone of the rules to be respected to ensure the smooth running of the auctions to be followed.



1 hand weapons

2 hands weapons

Magic amplifiers

Range weapons

Armour and jewels

For the fight

For diggers





After 37 lots sold by auction and more than three days (OCC: almost four hours), the 24th edition of the Black Market is closed on Dua 2 Folially at 1:00 pm by Nair Chanchey, who will meet the present in ten cycles (OCC: six months) for the next one.

Notes and links

Impressions from our Ranger, special dispatch to the scene...

  • Overall, a very pacifist sale (apart from two or three slaps)... and a nice waste of Shooki at the end of the event (3 barrels destroyed) :(
  • I was admiring how Chanchey handled it! He organized a trek, starting from FairHaven D He announced several times 3 minutes breaks, which very rarely lasted the announced time. As he shouted for days, I offered him a special herbal tea (guaranteed without poison, only with natural products LOL)...
  • I had a lot of fun writing the report (OCC: especially with the surrealist translations)
  • Whisper: I've heard that User:Caellan made a total sale of 185 million !!!

By the way: if you too you took some nice lucios, or you can send me some information about the stats of the items sold... I'm taking D


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The Society is composed among others of guilds. There are two types of Guilds.

  • Lore guilds that are written Guilds_name, with a space or "underscore" between Guild and and their name;
  • Homine guilds that are written Guild: name , with a colon between Guild and its name;
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Fyros fyros

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Merodeadores, aso Marauder Wedding: "Where Wedding is Synonymous with Challenge"

Rangers Black Market 24
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