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The portal of the Great Library of Atys

Organized groups of Atys formed for a specific purpose

Nations, tribes, clans, associations, guilds...; their reasons for being, their members, their laws, their customs...

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Theme plan and categories

There are many associations on Atys.

Among the institutions most frequent and most useful for survival are the guilds, or clans, usually grouped by religious, national, ideological affinities…

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Society refers to the grouping of individuals who share certain customs and internal laws for a common benefit. Here it will be:
  • Institutions such as Guilds,
  • Social norms, traditions, customs, collective agreements
  • Local specializations, such as trades, but also small missions proposed by the inhabitants of the cities.
  • And even more...

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Featured article

Amber of Homin civilization
Fyros emblem.png
Masters of Fire
Desert unlabelled.jpg
Continent The Desert
Capital Pyr
Politic Empire
Emperor Lykos
Assembly Akenak
Agora Agora
Trait Head Strong
FyrosBox 1.png
Kami Allegiance
Karavan Foe
Fyros Patriots and akenaks (The virtuoses)
Matis Foe
Trykers Suspicious
Zoraïs Friend
Marauders Foe
Rangers Unspecified
Trytonists Foe

The Fyros are a bold warrior civilisation, who value above all truth, honesty, and discipline. Determined, loyal and fierce; the Fyros rank themselves among the greatest Atysian warriors; priding themselves on the hardiness they display by choosing the tough life of a desert people. The Fyros are also dedicated to discovering the truth about the Great Dragon of Myth - much to the ire of the Karavan. However, despite their honourable intentions, the uncompromising nature of the battle-loving Fyros can lead to them being seen as brutish and wilful.


Nomadic desert tribes first established their stronghold to the north of the forest lands around the oasis of Fyre. The first great Fyros Empire was founded in 2275 by the remarkable warrior, Dyros the Great. He led campaigns to secure mineral resources throughout the desert areas and established a route through Matis dominions to Tryker lake lands to set up a water supply for the expanding population. Under his wise rule an alliance was elaborated between Tryker and Fyros peoples. Trykers would convoy water supplies to Fyros cities in exchange for protection against their domineering neighbors, the Matis.

Under the long rule of Abylus the Learned, a counsel of chroniclers was set up to write up a history of the Fyros peoples. After an accidental discovery of mysterious ancient ruins in the Prime Roots, the counsel set up a company of miners to search for knowledge of the past and the Dragon of the Myth. But miners working in the area of Coriolis hit upon an underground vein of acid which gushed forth like a geyser. According to Fyros records, fire quickly blazed a trail across the parched vegetation of the wastelands on to the fringes of the lush forests of the Matis territory devouring everything in its path for two weeks solid until the rains came. During the Fire of Coriolis, as it came to be known, many Fyros lives and habitations were lost trying to bring it under control.

To add to this, the water route was cut off both by fire and Matis warriors who also took the opportunity to overrun Tryker lakelands. Abylus the Learned had little choice but to act quickly or face certain famine through lack of water. True to their determined nature, after having buried their dead and mustering all their forces, the Fyros turned against the Matis to reinstall their water route. In spite of many skirmishes with Matis forces, their empire came to shine once again in all its glory for the next two generations.

It was during the reign of Cerakos II that the empire declined suddenly in the year 2481. Excavators working in the Prime Roots came upon a nest of kitins. In their fear and panic they slew the giant insects only to trigger off a great swarming of soldier kitins which massacred populations and all traces of hominkind throughout the ancient lands.

See also: Fyros History of the New Beginning since 2483


Imperial Dunes is situated on the continent of the Burning Desert. It was the first region of the newfound lands to be colonized by the Fyros after resurfacing from a two-year stint in The Prime Roots. Imperial scouts were the first Fyros to be sent out to locate a suitable site for the cremation of the embalmed body of Cerakos II, who died two years earlier during the Great Swarming, and whose spirit is now said to watch over the Dunes.

The capital city of Pyr was established on the side of an oasis surrounded by three acid seams which spit forth fire. These fire holes now constitute the entrance points of Pyr, and it was one of these points, to the east of the city, that Cerakos was lifted to the upper regions from his funeral pyre. Pyr is, without doubt, the most impressive homin city of the newfound lands with its great halls of learning attracting homins of every race from far and wide, as did the ancient capital of Fyre in its time. The region also shelters a single outpost, Blackburn Trade Post, generally occupied by the Leviers, the only tribe of the region.

Years of Fyros presence have made this desert land to one of the safest on Atys, safe enough for novices to begin to work their way up through the ranks of their office. The only Kitin found in the Imperial Dunes to stir up the Empereors spirit is the kipee, a relatively inoffensive specimen if left alone and worth preserving for its valued resources. Further to this, the Imperial Dunes harbors a host of potentially dangerous animals including the gingo, goari, capryni and the yubo. The shooki, a spitting plant, is the only native intelligent plant of the region.

A Kami altar will be found inside the city. A Karavan altar is established outside the southern wall.

Unique Abilities

Fyros are the masters of fire and the Great Forge in Pyr stands as a testament to this.

They are the only race to make Burning Weapons and teach the Fire elemental spell.

They are also the only race to teach the toolmaker and butcher occupations.


Fyros society is governed by the Akenak, the Senate and the Emperor. The current ruler is Lykos.

Main article: Governments
See also: Fyros High Officials

Line of Succession

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The language of the Fyros is called Fyrk.

Main article: Language of the Fyros

Principles & Traditions

Main article: Fyros Civilization

The Fyros hold a belief in four idealogical pillars, all of which must be upheld by every Fyros for the empire to succeed. Each pillar is represented by a monument in the area around Pyr, and any Fyros wishing to become a recognised citizen of the empire must know and understand the pillars intimately.

  • Truth

The first pillar of the Fyros civilisation, truth is valued highly among the Fyros. This pillar, however, is selectively applied - while it is considered unacceptable and cowardly to lie to one's comrades; lying to one's enemies is simply a part of intelligent battle strategy.

  • Honour

Possibly the strongest value of the Fyros people, honour is paramount. Fyros are expected to be upright, with a sense of integrity - petty matters or deceitful doings are considered beneath a great Fyros warrior. A true Fyros would choose an honourable death over a cowardly life.

  • Discipline

The functioning of the Fyros empire relies upon the chain of command, leading from the Emperor down to the lowliest squad leader. If any Fyros disobeys his or her commander, they jeopardise the strength of the Fyros empire.

  • Justice

No Fyros, not even the Emperor, is above the Law; the ancestral law of the Fyros civilisation demands the respect of all Fyros. To break the law, for a Fyros, is to act utterly without honour or loyalty.

Being a Fyros

You are a young homin refugee. You have bravely taken the long and perilous journey from the old lands to these new lands where we have begun building our new Empire. Once you’ve got enough training behind you, you’ll be able to put your skills to good use for our Emperor and help rebuild our civilization.

Main article: Being a Fyros

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The Society is composed among others of guilds. There are two types of Guilds.

  • Lore guilds that are written Guilds_name, with a space or "underscore" between Guild and and their name;
  • Homine guilds that are written Guild: name , with a colon between Guild and its name;
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