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The Mysteries of Ryzom Lost items
 The Cave
Spoils and small secrets
 Behind the scenes
of the EncyclopAtys

 The EncyclopAtys
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The portal of the Atys Mysteries

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Theme plan and categories

Behind the scenes

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This portal aims to retrieve what is not elsewhere categorized:
  • Lost objects: archaeological remains, forgotten secrets, missing heroes...
  • The Cave: Informations close to the spoil that the player is not "supposed" to be known in his role play.
  • Behind the scenes of the Encyclopatys: tips, tricks, explanations... very useful for the Encyclopatys or for the game, but difficult to categorize, because it could be a mix between technique, gameplay, RP, like for example the conversion of dates.

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General presentation

Kia Bo-Boo, master saviour
You need some help ?

All the help you need to contribute to the Encyclopatys or simply to find your way around.

The help catalog contains theoretically all possible help, but here is the list recommended by seasoned contributors. Pages in the "Help" namespace contain wiki-specific thematic documentation; see Help:Main Page

Before going into technical details, some basic remarks (in progress): How and why Help:Why create an account?.

Quite quickly, everyone makes a personal notepad (under some OCC sub-page on your profile), with the "wiki code snippets" frequently used :p
Personally, I think that wiki code is easier than forum codes.

Some examples of wikists: User:Zorroargh, User:Nilstilar, User:Dorothée (at the bottom of the page, the Characters-players category allows you to find other homins).


  • Seal of the Lore
    Important: Pages displaying this Seal of the Lore (for example those in rows in the category [:Category:Chronicles|Chronicles]] have a special status, because they constitute together the official description (natural history and geography of Atys, history of the Powers and Homins, etc.) of Atys. It is not recommended to modify them, but they can be discussed.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us on the public channel of wiki contributors at https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki

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