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de:Portal Mysterien/Intro
en:Portal X-files/Intro
es:Portal Entresijos/Intro
fr:Portail Arcanes/Intro
ru:Портал Мистерии/Заголовок
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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2021-01-04)

This portal aims to retrieve what is not elsewhere categorized:

  • Lost objects: archaeological remains, forgotten secrets, missing heroes...
  • The Cave: Informations close to the spoil that the player is not "supposed" to be known in his role play.
  • Behind the scenes of the Encyclopatys: tips, tricks, explanations... very useful for the Encyclopatys or for the game, but difficult to categorize, because it could be a mix between technique, gameplay, RP, like for example the conversion of dates.

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